FILM: Say Hello To The Slumbering Giant

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I’d like to welcome you to the film page at Rhombus. As an introduction, I’d like to tell you more about what exactly you can expect from us.

Generally speaking, everybody loves movies. For decades, Utah has been known as somewhat of a ‘secondary hotspot’ for major film production. Furthermore, Utahns adore the movie theater. A big family means a big night at the movies or a big night at home with a movie. Either way, film has woven its own way into the fabric of our very society.

Unfortunately, the theater can suffer from droughts like those in this frenzied desert. Months may go by without a single drop of worthwhile entertainment. We begin to feel desperate and wonder what to do when this escape from reality provides no real getaway.

Enter Rhombus.

There is so much more to the Utah film scene than your local Cinemark. From film festivals to indie films to sitcoms to major feature films, the Utah film world is a thriving one, and we are offering you the best seat in the house.

We’ll bring you film reviews, festival reviews and locations, filmmaker interviews, links to interesting sites and much more. We will discuss anything and everything that falls within the realm of film. We will show you who is doing what, which films were made by people you know, and how you can be a part of the action.

Utah is so much more than “Mormon Cinema.” There is a force here, like a towering beast in a slumber, about to be awoken. But don’t worry, he’s a good guy.

Still looking for more? Send us a message at and we will include your inquiries and suggestions in future articles.


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