A Little Rhombus Tomfoolery

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It all started with one brilliant idea.

Cheap marketing ($5 of styrofoam cups, to be exact) over the 4th of July weekend, thousands of eyes, more exposure for our little site here. Seemed like a great idea — and it was.

We succeeded for about two hours — and then everything ended in one epic fail.

I realize that none of you understand a single word I have typed, so let me briefly explain: styrofoam cups were shoved (by some anonymous individuals…) into the chain-link fence on the bridge overhanging University Parkway in Provo, spelling out RHOMBUSMAG.COM. In theory, the makeshift banner would have stayed up over the holiday weekend and would undoubtedly have been seen by the thousands sitting in traffic tomorrow night as they attempt to exit Stadium of Fire. Alas, it was not to be.

This precious little sign’s life was violently ripped from its hands only two hours after its joyful birth. We do not know the identity of the assailants, but I assure you we will not rest until they have been brought to justice. I swear on the grave of my great-aunt Ethel. Those savages took that poor little sign before its potential could be fully realized; snuffed it out before it could fully blossom. Now all we have to remember it by are a few pictures depicting it in all its glory:


As we mourn the loss of our young friend, we realize we only have one place left to turn: our readers. In hopes of fulfilling the potential of the dearly departed, we now ask you to do what he could not: spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your grandmother: read Rhombus. Even better — and I do realize this is totally shameless, but I lost my sense of shame a long time ago — throw up a Facebook status or Twitter post. Maybe something like “Check out Rhombus Magazine at www.rhombusmag.com and become a fan on Facebook!” You know, something like that. (We’re not picky.)

ANYWAY, we love our readers. Thank you so much for always visiting our site and telling your friends about it. The great amount of success we’ve had in these few short weeks has been completely driven by you, and we thank you sincerely. So please keep reading, commenting and spreading the word: Don’t be a square. Read Rhombus.

Thanks again,
Steve Pierce, Editor


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