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For this week’s edition of the Munchmobile, our fearless munchers made their way to Center Street in Provo to find a place that would satisfy our sandwich needs. We looked no further that Clint’s Place, located on 42 W Center Street. Upon entering, we had the impression that the place was called Hickory Kist, because the window displays a large logo sporting that name. The cashier informed us that the name of the eatery was Clint’s Place and that they used products from Hickory Kist Deli in Spanish Fork.

After the confusion cleared, we searched through the menu to get a feel for what Clint’s Place had to offer. It was clear that the owner has a passion for classic rock based on the names of the food items, ranging from Zeppelin’s Coda and Abbey Road sandwiches to the Strawberry Fields and Rainy Day Woman smoothies. The options used to be limited, but just recently they beefed up their menu to over 13 loaded sandwiches. They also have five breakfast sandwiches that looked rather intriguing and an assortment of smoothies. As is customary here with the Munchmobile, we took a few recommendations from the house. Ben went with The Clintster, which they said was their most popular. Jake decided on Mojo Risin’, one of their new selections that is gaining popularity fast. What did the munchers think of their meals? Let’s see what they had to say.

Jake Welch — Mojo Risin’


Mojo Risin'

I have to admit that I was a little wary of this sandwich because it had all the makings of a typical house favorite: chicken and bacon. However, I was rather impressed with this sanny, not because their chicken and bacon was superior to that of a deli. What got me was the little things. As soon as the sandwiches were served the waitress informed us that our bread was grilled with honey butter. Again, I was unsure of the gimmick but, trust me on this one, it works. The little touch of sweet balanced out perfectly with the cream cheese and avocado. I was also a big fan of the bread, which is baked on-site daily. It’s not hoagie bread, which gives this place a nice change of pace from other sandwhich shops in the area like Gandolfo’s. The only knock that I had with the place was the price. I was pretty hungry so I went with the whole sandwich, which came out around $8. Usually something has to be pretty darn satisfying for me to justify spending that much. In the end, I felt good about my purchase. It was definitely worth it. Four out of five dill pickles.

Ben Wagner — The Clinster


The Clintster (right)

According to the waitress behind the counter, the Clintster is the most popular sandwich at Clint’s Place and rightfully so. The Clintster is a hearty sandwich comprised of breaded chicken, turkey, and bacon, with the usual trimming of lettuce, tomato and mayo. Then Clint’s Place adds in its cream cheese and signature honey-buttered bread to complete the tasty concoction. The honey butter bread was the biggest difference one would notice from a sandwich at any other deli. The sweet taste of the bread gave the sandwich a unique taste not found at your nearest $5 sub joint. While the Clintster is an expensive sandwhich at $8, it’s worth the money if you’re looking to expand your sandwich horizons. 4 out of 5 chip bags.

So looking back, the only thing our munchers advise you about with Clint’s Place is the price. Most whole sandwiches range from $6.75-$8.00 and the half’s go for around $4-$5. This might scare off most of the student readers because they can always get a five dollar foot long at Subway. Please don’t let that fool you. Subway offers you the lowest quality meats and cheese on the market for five bucks. If all you want is to get filled with meat that is 88% moisture and vegetables that were fresh weeks ago, then Subway it is. However, if you care about getting a quality meal and you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks then Clint’s Place is a safe bet. 4 out of 5 Clintster’s.

To learn more about Clint’s Place, visit their Web site.

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