FILM: Your Boredom-Blasting Classic Movie List

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Let’s pretend you have nothing to do (which is often the case when you are on the computer). Why not watch a movie? Now you may not want to go out to see some movie at the theater, and thinking up a classic might be too taxing and/or time-consuming. Well, since we here at Rhombus are so keen on making sure you have the resources to have a good time, I’ve included a list of some classic movies below that might help you make it through those late nights and lame-o Fridays.


Tommy Boy — Dumb and Dumber — Ferris Beuller’s Day Off* — Anchorman* — Get Smart — Monte Python and the Holy Grail (definitely save this for a late night: it’s better that way) — Groundhog Day — National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation — The Pink Panther w/ Peter Sellers (not Steve Martin) — Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery* — Spaceballs* — Ghostbusters — The Three Amigos — The Princess Bride — Ace Ventura: Pet Detective*


Hunt for Red October — Braveheart* — Black Hawk Down* — The Bourne Trilogy (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum) — The Indiana Jones Trilogy — Terminator 2* — Top Gun — Lord of the Rings Trilogy (you could definitely pull an all-night marathon) — Gone in 60 Seconds — Goldeneye — Gladiator* — original Star Wars trilogy — Back to the Future Trilogy — Alien* — The Last Samurai*


Casablanca (this is really old, but extremely well done; I totally recommend it) — When Harry Met Sally — The Notebook — It’s a Wonderful Life (a bit seasonal, but it’s still one of my favorites) — Ghost (you may want to take up pottery after watching this) — Pretty Woman* — Pride and Prejudice — Hitch — 50 First Dates — Return to Me — As Good as it Gets — My Big Fat Greek Wedding — How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days — Singing in the Rain — Sleepless in Seattle


Man from Snowy River — Dances with Wolves — The Godfather* — Lawrence of Arabia — The Shawshank Redemption* — Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — Dead Poet’s Society — Apollo 13 — Bridge over the River Kwai — Schindler’s List* — Life is Beautiful — Rocky I, IV — V for Vendetta* — Frequency — A Few Good Men*

*Rated R or excessive inappropriate content

Now these are just a few and obviously you may think of others. Most likely you will dispute the picks I have made, but guess what? This is where you come in…

Post a list of your favorite movies and recommendations in the comment space below. This could very well become a living database for great movies. So let me know what you think. Here’s looking at you, kid!

Jess Jones is a conservative political columnist for Rhombus who also dabbles in film from time to time — but only when his righteous conservative fury subsides long enough to allow him to sit through one.



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