SONG OF THE DAY: July 16th

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This post marks the fourth entry of a new feature here at Rhombus: the Song of the Day. In an effort to bring you great music, both local and otherwise, and fulfill our goal of helping you expand your musical horizons to include the best artists available, we will pass along one Rhombus-approved song each and every day for your listening pleasure (barring global catastrophe.) These entries will be shorter than our normal articles, but we will do our best to provide you with the context and reasoning behind why we feel the included song is worthwhile and/or relevant to you. That being said, we hope you come back every day to check out a new song and enjoy reading Rhombus as much as we enjoy writing it. — Steve Pierce, Editor

Animal Collective, “Summertime Clothes”

I mentioned a few albums in yesterday’s “Song of the Day” piece that I considered early contenders for 2009 Album of the Year honors. Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion was certainly in that group. The Brooklyn freak-folk band really hit its stride with Merriweather, striking the perfect balance between cutting edge artistic brilliance and mainstream accessibility, which is no easy feat. The album’s first single, “My Girls,” baffled some “average” listeners with its unconventional sound, but generally rocked the face of anyone willing to listen with an open mind.

Merriweather‘s second release, “Summertime Clothes,” is probably more “radio-friendly” (if people still listened to the radio, which they don’t) than its predecessor, but equally awesome. Boasting an arpeggiated synth line, driving beat and addictive melody, the song is pure bliss. The band’s decision to release it as a single last month was particularly timely, given the track’s subject matter. I mean, nothing screams “summer anthem” quite like a song devoted to seasonally appropriate wardrobe items. Sure, the song is about much more than article of clothing, but that’s all below the surface. Most people don’t want to work that hard or dig that deep: it is summertime after all. We just want to lose ourselves in a bouncy, feel-good jam — and Animal Collective provides that in spades.


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