SPORTS: Turnberry Tames Tiger

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We have come to understand that there are three things in life that are inevitable: death, taxes and Tiger.

We all know that one day we are all going to leave this mortal life. It’s also fact that, as good as you might be at hiding, the IRS will hunt you down until you give your share to Uncle Sam. As for Tiger Woods, well, when he comes to play in a major  PGA Tour event, you know for certain he will be somewhere near the top of the leader board.

In the first two majors of the year, Tiger wasn’t on his “A” game but still lurked in both the Masters and U.S. Open, finishing 6th in both events. So when the odds makers gave Tiger 2-1 odds in winning the British Open, no one flinched. After all, he smoked the field at the AT&T National two weeks earlier, shooting 13-under.

So what happened this past weekend when the best of the best met up in Scotland to duke it out for the Claret Jug? Pigs flew, hell froze over and Tiger Woods missed the cut.

For only the second time in his career, Tiger wasn’t playing on Saturday and Sunday in a major championship. The last time that happened was back in 2006 at the U.S. Open. This time it was just plain ugly for the three-time champ, who shot five-over in the first two rounds.

People have speculated many reason why exactly Tiger played so poorly. I’m sure Jim Nantz and Johnny Miller have been stewing it over for a while now. Was it the fact that Turnberry doesn’t bode well for long ball players? Could it have been the wind that threw him off? Maybe his surgically repaired knee is still bothering him? There has to be some explanation, right? Could he really be human?

While we continue to search for answers, maybe the most important questions that needs to be raised is what comes next for the world’s most dominant golfer. Will he pull a Tim Tebow and make a speech to the fans and all of Tiger Nation about how a lot of good will come from this, that no one will ever see a golfer work harder than he will for the rest of the season?

Don’t count on it. Tiger is Tiger. He will admit that he played horribly and move on. I’m sure instead of taking a break on Sunday, he hopped over to St. Andrews to play a few rounds and begin preparing for next year’s Open. This is business for him.

So before you start to think about skimping on your taxes or going BASE jumping, just know that Tiger will be back in full form by the time the PGA Championship rolls around in August.

If he misses the cut again, then it might be time to start questioning our existence.

Jake Welch is a sports and food correspondent for Rhombus. He remains one of only 12 living people who still care about Colorado Rockies baseball. Follow him on Twitter at @jraywelch.


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