SONG OF THE DAY: July 24th

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Chris Merritt, “Dance Karate”

Unlike many in Provo, I’m not a huge Chris Merritt fan. Don’t get me wrong: he’s a fine musician and certainly listenable. But he’s not phenomenal, his live shows sometimes get a little long in the tooth and his style can become abrasive at times. Ultimately, Merritt makes enjoyable (if still largely disposable) pop music. This is not a crime and I do not condemn him for it. (Hey, it’s 80 million times better than what Nickelback does.)

However, Merritt does have one great song that outshines all others and single-handedly legitimizes him in my mind: “Dance Karate.” This song is pure energy. It’s like injecting Red Bull into your veins, only if Red Bull also contained “magic dancing juice.” Written for a songwriting class when he attended BYU, the artist claims “Dance Karate” was hastily composed right before a deadline, due to procrastination. To his surprise, the song received an “A” from the professor, who hadn’t awarded Merritt above a “C” up to that point. I concur wholeheartedly with the assessment and think you probably will as well. So take a listen to the track below and shake your groove thing right into this holiday weekend. You won’t regret kicking things off right.

Click here to listen to Chris Merritt’s “Dance Karate”


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