SONG(S) OF THE DAY(S): July 29th and 30th

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The Killers, “Smile Like You Mean It”
Tally Hall, “Smile Like You Mean It”

As some of you who actually pay attention to this daily feature have noted, there was no Song of the Day posted yesterday. In order to remedy the situation, I have posted two songs for today — or, more accurately, two versions of one song. Hope they help heal the wound.

The Killers‘ “Smile Like You Mean It” was one of the many highlights on their iconic 2004 album, Hot Fuss. Featuring a moaning synth line and Brandon Flowers’ hook-laden chorus, the song was the band’s third single in the U.S. and contributed to the band’s meteoric rise to worldwide fame. Even as the Killers have become more self-assured and (by extension) polarizing over the past five years, “Smile Like You Mean It” remains on of the great alternative pop songs on the decade.

Michigan-based pop group Tally Hall covered the track for the final season of FOX’s The O.C. back in 2006 and, I must say, did so magnificently. The band’s unique sound and tight vocal harmonies give the more stripped down arrangement its own expanded feel. Tally Hall relies on swelling harmonies in place of Flowers’ trademark synthesizer line to augment the sing-along chorus and even throws in a delectable vocal transition to the song’s bridge to boot. Altogether, a great cover of an excellent song from a band that I’ve never quite been able to pin down stylistically. Hopefully both versions will help our loyal Song of the Day fans fan forgive our tardiness.

Listen to: The Killers, “Smile Like You Mean It”

Listen to: Tally Hall, “Smile Like You Mean It”


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