SONG OF THE DAY: July 31st

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My Morning Jacket, “Highly Suspicious”

Don’t hate this song: It’s too awesome. You may initially be a little freaked out by it, simply because it probably sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before and MMJ frontman Jim James is singing about a “peanut butter pudding surprise” in an eerie falsetto. I’m not really sure what a peanut butter pudding surprise is myself, but this song makes me want one. The track’s heavy bass line and crunching guitar provided a stark contrast to James’ ungodly high lead vocals. “Highly Suspicious” shouldn’t work on so many levels: the lyrics are gobbledegook; the music feels like it’s ripped from a 1980s sci-fi movie imagining what “the music of the future” would sound like; and it seems that Jim James’ creepy laugh somehow escaped from your local haunted house last October. Yet, despite all of these completely logical reasons, MMJ still rock my face off every time. I can’t tell you why I love this song; I just hope you do too.

Listen to: My Morning Jacket, “Highly Suspicious”


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