SONG OF THE DAY: August 7th

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The Jackson 5, “I Want You Back”
Discovery, “I Want You Back”

This is not (I repeat: not) an attempt to add to the effusive list of tributes to the late Michael Jackson. He was a weird guy at the end of his life, he died, we’ve moved on. However, the song contained here hearkens back to a much earlier day when young Michael was poised to take over the world. Of all the sugary hits Michael and his brothers had in the 1970s, none is better than I want you back. It’s pop perfection, which is something I appreciate immensely. Michael flat out rocks it on this track, making it hard for me to believe he was, like, ten years old.

Discovery makes respectable R&B for the next generation. Heavily engulfed in electronics and swirling synth lines, their cover of this Jackson 5 classic is pretty awesome. I am no fan of AutoTune by any stretch, but it works for me here. Perhaps it is because the digitize vocals are surrounded by so many other machinate bleeps and blips that they seem right at home. Regardless, Discovery gets their second Song of the Day honor for being the only band I’ve ever heard cover the Jacksons successfully. True, the instrumental droning does go on a little long at the end, but hey, that can be forgiven. After all, it’s a Michael Jackson song. Everyone seems to be in a forgiving mood with him recently. Why not extend the courtesy?

Listen to: The Jackson 5, “I Want You Back”

Listen to: Discovery, “I Want You Back”


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