"Snow Leopard" Arrives This Friday

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Big news out of Cupertino, Calif., today as Apple announced they will release their new operating system this Friday, Mac OS X.6 or “Snow Leopard.” Snow Leopard will feature mostly “under the hood” improvements to OS X, improvements that Apple claims will “prepare Mac OS X for future innovation.”

Some of the changes will be immediately noticeable to some users, such as the changes to the QuickTime media player. Also, Snow Leopard is significantly smaller than its predecessor, Mac OS X.5 (or “Leopard”), and it will free up seven gigabytes of hard drive space just through installation. However, most of the changes will be in the way the operating system works, such as the switch to 64-bit or the use of Open CL technology and will not be immediately apparent to the average user.

Snow Leopard will most certainly be an important step toward the future of the Apple operating system and I would suggest most Mac users upgrade. Apple is making this incredibly easy by offering Snow Leopard at a price of only $29.99 (or $49.99 for a five-license family pack). However, this price will only be applicable to those currently running Leopard. If you are still using Mac OS X.4 (or “Tiger”) the upgrade will cost you $169. If you pre-order today, the upgrade will arrive on your doorstep this Friday. Look for my full review of the new OS to be up next Monday.

Ben Wagner is a technology correspondent for Rhombus and would be happy to talk your ear off about Open CL technology over on Twitter @ben_wagner.


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