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Whiskeytown, “Everything I Do”

I feel a Whiskeytown renaissance beginning to flow in my veins as we head into this last weekend of summer. If you are one of the many who have enjoyed alt-country rocker Ryan Adams’ prolific solo recordings, the question must be asked: Why don’t you know about Whiskeytown? (Unless, of course, you do know about Whiskeytown, then just ignore the previous snooty question.) If you’ve never listened to Ryan Adams and have no idea who he is (other than “that dude who married Mandy Moore”), you have a much more serious problem on your hands.

Thankfully, there is a remedy and it starts here. See, Whiskeytown was Adams’ first band and primary ticket to notoriety. Formed in Raleigh, N.C., in 1994, the band rose to prominence through relentless touring and a critically acclaimed debut album, Faithless Street. After signing with major label imprint Geffen Records, Whiskeytown began recording their sophomore effort Stranger’s Almanac (which contains “Everything I Do”), a process which saw multiple personnel changes and much internal strife. Nevertheless, the album received great critical and commercial acclaim and made Whiskeytown the faces of the burgeoning alt-country movement until the band’s demise in 1999.

“Everything I Do” sounds like it should be the song playing in every romantic comedy during the obligatory “We broke up, now we’re miserable without each other” scene. Adams’ melancholic lyrics of loss and regret play perfectly against the rootsy mid-tempo shuffle, while the bridge’s howling electric guitar provide the track with some welcome grit. If you like Ryan Adams and haven’t listened to Whiskeytown, you’ll notice “Everything I Do” wouldn’t seem out of place on Adams’ excellent solo debut, Heartbreaker. If you’ve never listened to either artist, here’s your chance to begin a wonderful journey.

Listen to: Whiskeytown, “Everything I Do”

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