MUSIC: The MJ Renaissance (And A Little Rhombus Love)

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Included below is an excellent article from today’s edition of the Daily Universe. The piece, written by Hunter Schwarz, explores the spike in sales of Michael Jackson albums and the renewal of the artist’s cultural relevance since his death in June. It’s an informative and interesting read — and not just because yours truly may pop up with some inane cultural observations and Chuck Klosterman references. It’s a really relevant piece that perfectly reflects the BYU student newspaper at its best. The Rhombus-relevant portions of the article are included below, but I wholeheartedly recommend reading the story in its entirety here. — Steve Pierce, Editor

The best-selling album of 2009 might end up being an old Michael Jackson compilation, as a new wave of young MJ fans, including BYU students, discover the King of Pop. [...]

Steve Pierce is editor of, a local online magazine that focuses on arts and culture. He posted an obituary of the pop star back in June, and said Michael Jackson has once again become a relevant figure in today’s pop culture.

“I think any artist who makes catchy, danceable music will always be relevant to college students,” said Pierce, a BYU junior from Texas. “The tragic nature of his death simply thrust his work before the eyes of a whole new generation of kids who hadn’t previously been exposed to it.”

Pierce, a die-hard Jackson fan even before his death, said it’s been sad to see his generation gain an appreciation of the music only after the artist’s death.

“He was a brilliant artist and to me his death provided a good reason to dig out his old stuff and pay my own little tribute to his career for a couple days,” Pierce said. “Pop culture essayist Chuck Klosterman’s argument remains true: the best thing a musician can do for his career is to die.”


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