SONG OF THE DAY: September 1st

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Joshua James, “The New Love Song”

Joshua James is undoubtedly Provo’s most famous and beloved musician. (Unless you count the Used, but no one really considers what they do “music,” per se.) While James has long eschewed the regular trappings afforded an artist of his caliber and opted instead for a more modest, organic career arc, the Nebraska-raised singer-songwriter is about to get his due. National music publication Paste Magazine gave the artist’s upcoming album, Build Me This, a 92 (out of a possible 100) in a recent review and declared it “phenomenal” and “convincing from the opening line.” As more fawning press clippings continue to pop up in anticipation of the album’s release on September 8th, it is inevitable that more and more people will hear about  Joshua James’ music and, by extension, come to know and love its brilliance.

Though the new album is about a week away, we want to give you something to tide you over until the big release. Included below is the lead-off track from James’ 2007 effort The Sun Is Always Brighter, “The New Love Song,” a catchy folk-pop gem with a melody sweet enough to make Pixie Stix seem bitter. From James’ drawling count-in to the peppy Hammond organ lines dispersed throughout, the track oozes pop perfection without sacrificing musical quality. To hear this song and many other favorites, new and old, be sure to swing by Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo on September 11th or 12th to catch one of James’ two record release shows, commemorating the new album’s maiden voyage. After years of laboring in relative obscurity — making great music and discovering great artists for his label, Northplatte Records — it seems it’s time for Joshua James to finally receive his much-deserved dues. Don’t miss the opportunity to be apart of it.

Listen to: Joshua James, “The New Love Song”


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