SONG OF THE DAY: September 2nd

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Mudbison, “Suburbia”

We’ve been on a bit of a local kick here at Rhombus the past couple days and there’s no Provo artist we love more than Mudbison. Boasting some of the most innovative songwriting you’ll find here or anywhere, the band’s sound is profoundly eclectic and unlike pretty much anything else. Principle songwriter-vocalist Spencer Russell has a voice that’s alternately soothing and wounded, giving him the unique ability to move effortlessly from a peaceful whisper to a howling scream and end in a wistful falsetto, all in a matter of seconds. Combine one of the local scene’s most dynamic frontmen with a truly exceptional group of musicians and you get the glory that is Mudbison.

Despite a recent month-long hiatus when Russell traveled to Oxford, Miss., to help his brother Isaac (formerly known as RuRu) record his major label debut, the band are now pressing forward with the process of recording their extensive and ever-expanding catalog for an upcoming release. Until that felicitous day, we will just have to make due with the band’s frequent and phenomenal live performances and some rougher, older recordings. We can offer both. The band will play a headlining show at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo on September 25th and it promises to be a enlightening affair, to say the least. Russell has recently dropped hints about a new, more synth-driven Mudbison sound, which will presumably be debuted at this show. If you like creative, original music (i.e. not the Black-Eyed Peas), you should probably be at Velour on the 25th.

To get you stoked for the performance, please take a listen to the band’s truly addictive “Suburbia,” included below. While this recording is an early recording done primarily by Russell and does not feature live drums or the ethereal backing vocals of keyboardist Caitlin Duncan, you’ll still get the idea. The song is awesome and just think — it will be even better live at Velour on the 25th. Rhombus will certainly be there; We hope to see you too.

Listen to: Mudbison, “Suburbia”


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