FILM: Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Hey football fans, I wanted to do something a little more interactive this week, especially because IT’S THE MOST EXCITING WEEK OF THE YEAR!

(Please excuse my all-caps outburst, but I am really excited.)

College football is happening. Finally. Teams from all over the nation have been preparing for another amazing and unpredictable season. Rah rah, rah rah rah, go FOOTBALL!

(I did it again. Sorry.)

After several weeks of listening to 1320 KFAN Sports Radio, I have all but lost my marbles. I am so antsy for this season of college football to start that I have now used all caps twice in the same article. I don’t usually get that excited.

However, this is not a sports article; it’s a film article about sports. I would love to go into some great stories like “The Many Blunders of the Mountain West Conference” or “Why I Hate Baseball,” but then it becomes a little more difficult to relate it to film.

Having said that, I present this week’s special film column: favorite football movies. I briefly thought back to all the great football movies I have seen and I now present them to you. Choose one this week and watch it to prepare yourself for the forthcoming awesomeness that is football season.

In no particular order, they are: Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, Rudy, Any Given Sunday, The Express, Friday Night Lights, Leave It To Beaver and Radio. Now, this is a large list and clearly one you will not be able to complete by this weekend (or this Thursday if you plan on watching the Utes play the Aggies.)

I will make a few top suggestions:

Rudy: classic underdog tale. One of the all-time great sports movies ever.

Remember the Titans: Instant classic. Well cast, well written.

We Are Marshall: If you want your wife/girlfriend to cry, watch Up! If you want her to bawl, watch this.

Friday Night Lights has a lot of football in it, but if I recall correctly, there is some inappropriate content at the beginning.

So pick a movie and get yourself pumped up for the Christmas morning-like joy that is college football.

Submit your vote for your favorite football movies below or by tweet @rhombusmag.

Mckay Stevens is a film correspondent for Rhombus. If you couldn’t tell, he’s pretty excited about FOOTBALL.


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