The Emergence Of New Media (And More Rhombus Love)

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Yesterday, Rhombus was prominently featured in an excellent Daily Universe article on the re-emergence of Michael Jackson into pop culture relevance. Today, we’re at it again in an equally excellent feature, written by DU web editor Alexa Lee, on the burgeoning new media movement, of which we represent a tiny sliver. Once again, prepare yourself for some really high-minded nonsense from yours truly, as well as a great piece on the new engine driving our culture. The Rhombus-relevant portions are posted below, but we recommend you read the full piece at the Daily Universe‘s new Web site here. — Steve Pierce, Editor (2009)

As the national unemployment rate inches toward the double digits, young people across the country are turning to the comfort of technology for job security.

Most of Generation Y, those born between 1979 and 2000, came of age using the Internet. They spent high school teaching their parents how to set up e-mail accounts and shop online.

Now, as they enter an unpredictable workforce, Generation Y is using online aptitude skills for financial gain and as a career builder. [...]

Steve Pierce is a BYU student who recently helped launch an all online magazine at

“I ventured into new media mostly because of the limitations and restrictions of traditional media,” Pierce said. “As a result, my partner and I turned to the online medium because we could reach a wider audience for almost zero cost.”

Pierce points to the effects of media saturation as a reason for the increased utilization of the Internet and social networking sites.

“People use new media in every facet of their lives because it has completely and totally permeated our culture,” he said. “We use it to communicate, to entertain, to inform and to connect. It represents the most efficient way to access and share information quickly and simply.”

For young entrepreneurs contemplating a leap into the business of new media, Pierce’s advice is to, “Just do it.”


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