FILM: Weekend Movie Preview, Sept. 11-13

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So we once again find ourselves immersed in a challenging and time-consuming semester of college. No matter what campus you may be on, you are never alone. The halls are always crowded, the food lines are always long and, at the end of the day, nothing sounds better than a little entertainment to escape from the everyday woes of education.

Now, because our Saturdays will be full of football, we must find a good escape for Friday night.

Friday night is when the magic can happen. It is the first real opportunity to release from the mayhem of the week and it’s now more precious than ever. Allow me to assist you in planning your Friday nights at the movies by previewing this week’s new releases.

Friday, September 11th

Sorority Row (R): This completely original idea is the story of a group who kills someone and tries to hide it, but a creepy guy in a cloak knows, so he stalks them and wipes them all out. Like I said, completely original.

9 (PG-13): I have yet to take a set opinion on this film. The story seems original, even though post-apocalyptic stories seem to be the thing to do right now. It may be interesting enough, but I don’t recall an adult animated feature of this style (i.e. not Up!) that has had remarkable success in the box office, oh, except for The Matrix. And kudos to 9‘s voice-over star Elijah Wood, who finally got another job.

Extract (R): Jason Bateman’s new film has received a lot of recognition (mostly because everybody loves Jason Bateman) and Mike Judge has a knack for writing things that are funny. It’s a workplace comedy with other big names like Kristen Wiig (of SNL fame) and Ben Affleck (cross your fingers).

Whiteout (R): Kate Beckinsale plays a U.S. Marshal stationed in Antarctica who discovers a body and must investigate the continent’s first homicide. Why Antarctica needs a U.S. Marshal, I’ll never know. Perhaps there’s a smuggling ring for polar bears who are Coca-Cola dealers. Are there even polar bears there?

Gamer (R): Gerard Butler stars in this digital Gladiator. Intense online gamers use actual prisoners as avatars to fight each other to the death, while the online world watches. It probably won’t be as monumental as Gladiator was in the box office, but Gerard Butler is a talented actor who will attract a lot of attention.

All About Steve (PG-13): Sandra Bullock returns with her second film of the year, another romantic comedy. She is a nutty crossword puzzle creator who falls for a news cameraman after a blind date. The cameraman feels differently about the situation and it likely causes some funny interactions between the two.

Broken Hill (PG): This is a small film playing in select theaters. The story follows a gifted teenage composer in Australia who discovers an interesting talent in some prison inmates.

If you are looking for an alternative path for your film enjoyment, you may find some great entertainment at the Broadway Centre Theatre in Salt Lake City. Definitely worth the trip north.

Now Playing at the Broadway:

Ponyo (G): Hayao Miyazaki has received well-deserved praise for his work and this film is no exception. It’s based on the classic “Little Mermaid” and tells the story of a goldfish princess who longs to be human. Something tells me this isn’t a cheap remake.

Paper Heart (PG-13): Michael Cera is the leading name in this sort-of documentary that follows a young girl on her quest to prove that love isn’t real. Then, she happens upon the quirky Cera, whose awkward genius must be far too much for her to resist.

In the Loop (NR): This UK film is a comedic and sharply written story about the justification of war through the eyes of the British and American governments.

Adam (PG-13): Hugh Dancy stars a man with Asberger syndrome who falls for a neighbor.

Other films include: Soul Power and Management.

Showtimes and more information are available at the Salt Lake Film Society’s Web site.

Mckay Stevens is a film correspondent for Rhombus.



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