SONG OF THE DAY: September 17th

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Matt & Kim, “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare”

We featured this great minimalist Brooklyn dance-pop duo a couple months ago, but I couldn’t resist pulling this song up in light of this evening’s events. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, chances are you didn’t catch the pilot episode of NBC’s new comedy Community, which aired tonight. Starring Joel McHale, Chevy Chase and a strong supporting cast, the upstart show demonstrated serious potential to become the next hit in the network’s already superior comedic line-up (The Office, 30 Rock). Hey, it’s approximately eight times better than Parks and Recreation, which is a boon in and of itself.

So how does an obscure Matt & Kim track relate to NBC’s new Thursday night comedy? Well, the stomping beat and peppy handclaps of “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” were plastered all over the show’s debut episode, not to mention all of its promotional spots. Coincidentally, the song — and its maddeningly catchy chorus, in particular — has been stuck in my head for a good three days now. Who knew it would also show up in my favorite new show of this dismal fall TV season? Such things can’t be ignored and, thus, I feel obligated by fate to share it with you, dear readers. Enjoy — and don’t get too upset with me if you find yourself inexplicably singing the chorus in the commode. These things happen to the best of us.

Listen to: Matt & Kim, “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare”


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