OUTDOORS: The Mona Rope Swing

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I’m starting my final year here at BYU and somehow I managed to never learn of the Mona rope swing until just about a month ago. As soon as I mentioned it to my friends, they all said something along the lines of, “Oh yeah, that’s a lot of fun! I went there over the weekend.” For my fellow water enthusiasts who have heretofore been deprived of said rope swing, permit me enlighten you.

The rope swings (there are actually two of them) are located on the Burriston Ponds in Mona, about half an hour south of Provo. The ponds themselves aren’t the most scenic things in the world, but they’re pretty clean. From the parking area (see directions below), the first rope swing is about a one minute hike away. It consists of a fat rope with one end fixed to a tree. With the rope in hand, you’ve got a few options: you can jump from the bank of the pond, you can climb a short ways up the tree and launch from there, or — if you’re feeling brave — you can climb twenty feet up into the tree and get some serious air. My one tip to you is this: be sure to let go when you reach the end of your swing! If you don’t, you face a return pendulum into the tree that probably wouldn’t end too well for you. There are a couple other trees nearby that you can climb and dive off of too. The water is deep enough that bottoming out isn’t a problem.

If you keep walking along the gravel path from the parking lot past the first rope swing, in a couple more minutes you’ll get to the second rope swing. This one isn’t as big and, as a result, usually isn’t as crowded. Give both of them a try and see which one you like best. Once you’ve mastered your basic swing-and-let-go technique, see if you can get a bit fancier. Maybe try some flips or spins or the ever-popular belly flop. Your friends will surely be impressed.

Summer vacation might have ended, but I’m not letting go of it that easily, and neither should you! Before it gets to0 cold, make sure you make your own pilgrimage to Mona’s famous watering hole.

Directions: Mona is located about 35 miles south of Provo. To get there, go south on I-15 and take the Mona exit, number 233. Turn right (west) after getting off the freeway and then turn left at the first stop sign in town. Follow this road south for 1.7 miles (at first you you won’t be able to see the ponds themselves too well, but eventually you’ll see the trees surrounding the ponds) and turn right onto a small road. This will lead you straight to the ponds. Park and follow the obvious gravel path that skirts the bank of the pond. You’ll come to the first rope swing in less than a minute.

Tristan Higbee is an outdoors correspondent for Rhombus.


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