POLITICS: Where Have All The Journalists Gone?

Written by Jordan Petersen on . Posted in Politics

Too late. Time for damage control.

Too late. Time for damage control.

Have you heard about ACORN? No? Hm.

Everybody these days grows up indoctrinated in the virtues and heroism of reporters. We see movies that show us how brave and important they are — they expose corruption, help society become aware of problems and shed light on momentous events. They bring us the Truth. If it’s important, you can bet that dedicated journalists will uncover it for all to see.

Today, however, the aggrandizement of journalists seems to mostly sprout from their own self-importance — because now they suck. News has become deeply politicized. No one reports on anything unless they can achieve some political angle with the story. As a result, there are a lot of things that go unreported. Important information — things the public needs to know — remains hidden because the only journalists who have the power and expertise to uncover the story find it politically unsavory to do so.

If you watch The Daily Show on a regular basis, then you’ve probably seen this clip. It features host Jon Stewart ripping the news organizations a new one for failing to turn out ACORN as the astonishingly corrupt organization it is. Jon makes the whole thing extremely funny, which is why we love him and what they pay him for, but the aftertaste is pretty dreadful. Seriously, where have all the journalists gone?

Jordan Petersen is a film correspondent for Rhombus. He’s also very worried about the state of modern journalism.


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