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Hi! I’m new here at Rhombus and it’s my job to scout out the hot parties going down in the Provo scene. I’ll let you know what events to look forward to and critique the events I attended so you can know if it’ll be worthy of your future attendance.

Friday night was the premiere of Kik the Block, Rock the Block’s redheaded stepchild copycat of a party. As far as parties go, it was huge — too huge. It was more like a concert. It was so packed you couldn’t dance and, if you tried, you probably ended up accidentally groping some unsuspecting person around you. (But I guess that’s what dances are for, eh?)

Their mistake, from a business standpoint, was that they advertised their party as a free party, but encouraged donations. If you tell a town of college kids that something is free, they will take advantage of it without a second thought. I wondered what they expected when it was the end of the party and they had only raised $250 with around 5,000 people there. (Kik the Block was raising money to give away soccer balls to children in Honduras, who dream of one day playing in the World Cup.)

Kik the Block was blinding. It was held in a parking lot with bright lights still on. People were uncomfortable to get their groove on in that much exposure. The DJ was not that great — he chose his music well, but he’d only play half a song with no good transition into the next. That was annoying. Right when I was getting into a song, it changed unexpectedly and abruptly.

Like most things in Provo, Kik the Block was shut down at midnight. Unless you’re Cinderella or the Holy Ghost, midnight is usually when the parties get started — so they held an after-party at the new club on Center Street, The Loft. I’ll admit I was impressed by The Loft. It has some potential as a hot spot. The actual physical joint itself was a nice setup. The DJ was much better. The lighting was great.

The main drawback of The Loft is that this town is being taken over by hormonal teenagers. Can the City of Provo give the high school children their own place to party? I was relieved to find out that The Loft holds “College Night” every Saturday. Hopefully that will remedy the infestation of whippersnappers. I’m sad I missed the grand opening Saturday night, because I might have been able to get a better judgment of the place without the little ones. If anyone went to it, I hope it rocked enough to go back, because I’m going to give it another try. Let me know!

Party Rankings: Out of five stars, parties will be ranked by: a) overall feel of the party and how much I liked it; b) hotness of both male and female party attendees. I have a knack for aesthetics (Basically, I’m just shallow); c) the DJ’s abilities; d) the overall atmosphere; and e) the extra entertainment.

Kik the Block The Loft
Overall                                          **                                ****
Hotness of Partiers                    **                                  **
DJ                                                   *                                 ****
Atmosphere                                 **                                 ***
Entertainment                           ***                                 **

Look forward to this weekend: The Conference Dance on Friday night at the South Towne Expo Center. I know a conference dance could sound lame, but I’ve gone to a few of them and I am never let down. It’s packed, but with enough room to dance. It’s got good entertainment and a variety of dance floors. Make sure to stop by the Comcast film crew’s booth and get on TV!

Kristin Clift is the newest contributor to Rhombus. She will cover the Valley’s party and social scene.


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