SPORTS: BYU Football Weekly Roundup (Week 5)

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Week 5: BYU vs. Utah State

After a severe beatdown from the bipolar Florida State Seminoles, the Cougars were able to pick themselves back up off the ground and beat a solid Colorado State team last weekend in Provo.

Looking back on the 42-23 win, I felt the score wasn’t very indicative of the kind of game the Cougars played. What started out as a 21 point lead was cut down to 11 at one point. It wasn’t a great game, but it also wasn’t horrible.

In all reality, the Cougars displayed one of the key characteristics of a good team. Every time Colorado State made a mistake, BYU took advantage and scored. If they can do that the rest of the year, they will win a lot of football games.

Brian Logan gets burned by a CSU wide receiver - again.

Brian Logan gets burned by a CSU wide receiver. Again.

Brian Logan: A Love- Hate Relationship
After the game, it was hard for anyone to know their true feelings for field corner Brian Logan.

On one hand, we saw the player that forced two huge turnovers that lead to 14 points. On the other hand, we saw a player that was picked on all day by the CSU passing game. He had three pass interference penalties in the first half and was burnt for two touchdowns.

After the game Bronco Mendenhall talked to the press and said Logan was the best field corner the team has had in the five years he has been head coach. Why would he say this about a guy who had such a hard game?

If anyone goes back and looks at the game, they will see that Logan can fly, which is a word that has never been used to describe a BYU defensive back before. On screen passes and quick slants, he is all over the receiver and is an excellent open-field tackler.

The only reason he gets beat deep is his height. He will face a lot of guys that will have four or five inches on him and, in a jump ball situation, he is extremely disadvantaged. In this case, Jamie Hill would rather have a guy that will make the tackles than a guy that can cover the long pass.

As far as an official opinion on Logan, I will have to wait and see how things go for the rest of the season. As for right now, it’s pretty much love/hate.

Offensive Offense
Like I said earlier, the scoreboard did not reflect the real outcome of the game, especially in regards to BYU’s offense. When they were playing with the short field, they looked unstoppable. In the second and third quarter, however, they had trouble moving the ball.

The biggest issue I saw was the overall sloppiness of every offensive player. The offensive linemen were missing blocks and didn’t pick up on some blitzes. Harvey Unga and McKay Jacobsen ran lazy routes that lead to interceptions. Max Hall was missing his spots and just couldn’t find a rhythm.

The only real bright spot of the offense was Unga’s presence in the ground game. He continues to impress with his amazing field vision and relentless downhill running style. Manase Tonga should also receive praise for his consistent blocking.

The offense better get back on track this week, because they will need to put up big numbers against a USU team that (surprisingly) has a lot of offensive firepower.

Not the Typical Aggies
When BYU fans see the Friday night game with Utah State, a lot of them think it is a guaranteed victory. While this was probably true in the past, this year’s Aggie squad packs a lot of punch, at least on offense.

Just check out these stats. They have scored 100 points, passed for 800 yards and rushed for 667 in just three games. This came against a pretty good Utah team, a lousy Texas A&M squad and Southern Utah, which is like facing Timpview’s junior varsity team. Still, being able to put up 33.3 points and 489 yards per game is impressive.

The thing that scares me the most is USU quarterback Diondre Borel. I watched him play against Utah and he has some serious speed. Just in case you haven’t been paying attention to BYU football in the past decade, the Cougars have struggled with mobile quarterbacks. Unless BYU turns into a different football team this week, Borel should be able to run wild.

The only thing that BYU can hope for is if Borel decides he wants to show off his passing prowess, which is nothing to brag about. If he throws the ball more than 25 times, he will get picked off at least twice; then again, the same is the case with Max Hall. Another subject for another day.

Something I forgot to mention — while Utah State has an effective offense, they have the defensive mindset of Amare Stoudemire or the Washington Nationals. Or in other words, they don’t have one. Their offensive numbers are gaudy, but almost identical to their defensive stats. They’ve given up 35.6 points and 486 yards per game. That doesn’t add up to a whole lot of victories for the Aggies, especially this week. USU will by hyped and will play a tough physical game. That said, BYU is bigger and stronger, and will dominate the line of scrimmage in an ugly defenseless win. BYU 52, USU 35.

Three Cheers
1. Matt Marshall — I wondered why they would let a guy his size on the team but, after his blocked punt, I trust the decision was a good one

2. Romney Funga — After Russell Tialavea went down with a knee injury, Romney stepped up and played really big in the middle.

3. Spencer Hafoka — A BYU wide receiver actually faked out a DB? I still don’t believe what I witnessed.

Three Jeers
1. Terrence Brown — The left guard looked lost on a few plays and whiffed on too many key blocks.

2. BYU Fans — If you have front row seats, show up before halftime! You don’t deserve good seats if you aren’t going to be dedicated.

3. Dennis Pitta — He still caught every ball thrown in his direction, but he had some stupid penalties.

Jake Welch is a sports correspondent for Rhombus. This is the first time he has ever criticized Dennis Pitta. Ever. You can follow him on Twitter @jraywelch.


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