EVENTS: Halloween Party Preview

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Halloween is my favorite time of year; you get to dress up, eat candy, and PARTY! There’s a whole bunch of parties in the next couple of weekends. Here’s a list, courtesy of Vanessa Oler:

Friday, October 23rd:
EDP’s Ghosts N’ Whatever @ Southworth on Center St, 8:30pm-2am ($3/$2)

Hallofunkaween @ The Rail in SLC, 9:30pm-2:30am

Saturday, October 24th:
The Masquerade @ Sleepy Ridge Golf Course in Orem, 9pm-1am ($10)

Friday, October 30th:
Beautiful Nightmare @ Alpine Village, 9pm-1am

All Hallows Eve @ Spark, 10:30pm-1am ($11)

The 31st:
Dead Ball @ Velour, 7pm-12am ($7)

The Haunt @ The Loft, 9pm-1am

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss this weekend: EDP on Friday night. it’s closer, cheaper, and better dancing than Hallowfunkaween. (Don’t get me wrong — I’ve always had a blast at Hallowfunkaween parties. If electro dancing isn’t your thing, you should check it out.)

Most definitely do not miss The Masquerade; it’s basically every girl’s dream come true. I might be over-generalizing, but it certainly is mine. If only I had a date. (*Sigh*) It’s going to be held at a beautiful mansion. I’m positive The Masquerade will be exquisitely splendid. Where’s my freaking fairy godmother when I need her?

Kristin Clift is an events correspondent for Rhombus and apparently watched Cinderella often as a child.


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