EVENTS: Weekend Party Preview: Halloween Edition

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You can take your nieces and nephews trick-or-treating, you can veg and watch Hocus Pocus, or you can party it up like it’s the last Halloween you’ll ever spend in Provo. (Oh, wait! It is my last Halloween in Provo! Woot!) There are too many options for activities and parties. I still haven’t made up my mind — it’s fantastic! Here’s a list; thanks to Summer Heat for the help.

Friday, October 30th

FREE Haunted House (*)
@ 918 N on 50 E. Provo, 9pm-12am (Free)

Electro Hallows Eve Eve Dance Party (**)
@ The Red Door, 10pm-1am (Free)

Spark All Hallows Eve Event (**)
@ Spark Restaurant Lounge, 10:30pm-1am ($11)

Beautiful Nightmare (***)
@ Alpine Village, 9pm-1am

Thriller Dance (***)
@ UVU, 10pm-1am ($12-15)

Saturday, October 31st

Halloween Parade (*)
@ Condo Row, 11:30am-1pm (Free)

Dead Ball (**)
@ Velour, 7pm-12am ($7)

Haunted House Dance Party (**)
@ 50 E 842 N, Provo, 9pm-1am ($1 or canned food donation)

The Haunt (***)
@ The Loft, 9pm-1am

Pirate Island Masquerade Ball (*)
@ Pirate Island, 8pm-12am ($10-12)

The Dark Night II (**)
@ Studio 600, 8pm-1pm ($10)

The Howl — Utah’s largest and closest-to-a-real-party-as-you-can-get–in-Utah Halloween Party (****)
@ Utah State ($15-25)

Stars denote the scandaliciousness of the event: one star is not scandalous, four stars is outrageously scandalous.

Kristin Clift is an event correspondent for Rhombus.


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