EVENTS: Wintertime Activity Ideas!

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Bored and blue this time of year? Me too. Excluding hibernation, here are the best ideas I could come up with to make winter bearable:

Free Activities:
• Snow activities — snowball fights, build an igloo, snowman or snow angel
• Carol at a rest home
• Hot pots in midway
• Winter stargazing (make sure to bundle up)
• Drive around and look at neighborhood lights or go to Temple Square
• Visit Santa at the mall
• Volunteer at the hospital to pass out presents
• Build a fort in your living room and read your favorite Christmas books
• Make out under the mistletoe

Cheap Activities:
• Make treats and deliver them to friends
• Get the best drinks: Borders’ Mocha Trio; Spark Restaurant’s hot chocolate; or Starbucks’ Carmel Apple Cider
• Go to a concert. The best musical performances are this time of year.
• Sledding/ Ice Skating
• Make Christmas cards or tree ornaments

“I’m Rich and That’s My Best Quality” Activities:
• Snowmobile in Park City
• Ride the Polar Express in Heber
• Go on a sleigh ride in Midway

Kristin Clift is an events correspondent for Rhombus.


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