READING LIST: March 30th

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With the return of Rhombus and the new site design, I’ve decided to try and delve back into the Rhombus Reading List. Longtime readers will remember that I tried to do this as a daily feature a couple months back as an aggregator of cool stuff I read/saw on the Web, but it fell apart after awhile. Well, I’m trying it again. In hopes of increasing the feature’s longevity, the newest incarnation will feature less of my personal commentary, but I’m sure all of you can more than live with that. Let’s see how it goes. Enjoy.  — Steve Pierce, Editor

1) SPORTS: Michigan State’s Tom Izzo is back in the Final Four again this year — making him arguably the most successful postseason coach in the history of college basketball. And now we have statistical proof. (FiveThirtyEight)

2) POLITICS: Contrary to what you hear on cable TV, most Americans are right in the middle of the two political extremes. As such, many don’t really know much about the knew health reform laws recently signed by President Obama and aren’t sure where to turn to get substantive analysis. In a name: Ezra Klein. The Washington Post blogger has done an excellent job in prolifically covering the bill since its inception and has some of the simplest, most intelligent writing on the subject you’ll find. Definitely worth giving some of his posts a read. (WaPo)

3) MUSIC: British shoegaze experts The xx were on of 2009′s biggest buzz bands — and now their masterful debut album has been mashed up with vocals from none other than the Notorious B.I.G. and distributed for free online. If you weren’t suspecting a Biggie-xx collaboration, don’t worry, neither was anyone else. But it certainly makes for good tunes. (Wait What)

4) TV: For all my fellow Gossip Girl fanatics (and if you’re not one, you should be), it’s time for your weekly recap from New York Magazine’s always excellent Culture Vulture blog. Gotta love it. (NY Mag)

5) And just in case you were one of those stubbornly ardent defenders of Owl City who insists they’re nothing like the Postal Service (!), this one’s for you. (NY Mag)



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