Welcome to the New Rhombus: A Message from the Editor

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So, it’s been awhile.

Many of you (okay, not that many) have probably wondered why Rhombus, which had previously been a picture of near-daily publishing consistency up until a month or so ago, suddenly went M.I.A. for a couple weeks there. Sure, we posted an article or a podcast here and there, but nothing too snazzy. Well, if you have questions, I have answers.

To be frank, I mostly got overwhelmed with the task of constantly publishing content and running an online magazine. Life got a little hectic with school, work, politics and everything else — and Rhombus just happened to be the easiest thing to cut out to ease the time crunch. Was this a good decision? Probably not. In the media business, if you don’t produce regular content you die. And Rhombus essentially died for the last month or so.

Nevertheless, here we are — in a brave new world with a beautifully redesigned site to boot. In the immortal words of The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, “Damn right, we’ll rise again; Yeah, damn right, we’ll rise again.” Myself and, even more importantly, the Rhombus team are back and ready to return the magazine to its glory days of consistent, top-quality content. I will personally be writing a larger number of shorter, more topical pieces and aggregating some interesting things I find around the Web. Likewise, we’ll also be doing more podcasts and other special features (including a new local music compilation) that should help take Rhombus to a new level.

Yeah, it’s been awhile, but we’re back and ready to roll. Thanks so much for your patience in sticking with us; We hope you keep coming back to check out the new site and our fresh content. (Feel free to start with two great articles by Jake Welch and Randal Serr just posted today.) Also, thanks so much to my partner Colton Chesnut for crafting this beautiful site design. We hope you enjoy it and it makes your Rhombus experience just a little more enjoyable.

Thanks so much for reading. We look forward to sharing the next step in the magazine’s progression with you, our readers.


Steve Pierce, Editor


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