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Day three and we’re still plugging away. Lots of good April Fools stuff today — and some that I only wish were jokes. (I’m looking at you, Hannity.)

1) APRIL FOOLS: For your pseudo-holiday pleasure, the Museum of Hoaxes has a comprehensive list of the 100 greatest April Fools jokes of all-time. There’s some good stuff there. April 1st is like Christmas for these people. (Museum of Hoaxes)

2) POLITICS: I only wish this was a hoax: Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity praises Tea Partiers as “these Tim McVeigh wannabes” — and they cheer him for it. Because apparently there’s no higher compliment than being compared to a homegrown terrorist who took the lives of 168 innocent people. I really wish this was a joke, but you just can’t make this stuff up. Watch the video — you have to see it to believe it. (Daily Kos)

3) MUSIC: Apparently the brash contrarians in MGMT might actually secretly (but don’t tell anyone!) care about what people think of their upcoming album. (And yes, I and many others think it kind of sucks.) An interesting and revealing look at one of music’s most intriguing duos. (Blackbook Mag)

4) MUSIC: On a more positive note, the always excellent Band of Horses has a new album coming out that probably won’t suck. The band released the music video for the disc’s first single, “Compliments,” today — and both the song and the video are pretty great. Just enough to further whet my appetite for Infinite Arms‘ release on May 18th. (Spin)

5) TV: ABC sitcom Modern Family has been taking its lumps today in the Internet community for apparently shilling for the Apple iPad on last night’s episode. But, according to series creator Christopher Lloyd (yes, that Christopher Lloyd), it wasn’t product placement at all — because Apple didn’t pay the show a cent! Really, ABC? If you’re going to essentially make a half-hour promo for a product, at least get some cash out of it. (That being said, Modern Family is still awesome.) (NY Mag)

BONUS TRIVIA: I didn’t know until just now that there was a sequel to Teen Wolf — and that one of my personal favorites, Jason Bateman of Arrested Development fame, was the ever-so-hairy lead! This is too rich. You go, Michael Bluth!



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