FILM: Weekends Are For Movies: April 16-18

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You may have noticed (depending upon how committed a Rhombus-fan you are…I hope you noticed), there was no “Weekends are for Movies” feature last week. That was due mostly to the fact that there was only one film getting a wide release last weekend, but that’s a poor excuse. So I apologize and hereby commit to better consistency.

Here’s the list:

Date Night (PG-13) — I’m going to talk about this film now because I failed to do so last week, and it might be the most worthwhile film in the theaters. I can’t say that definitively because I haven’t seen it, but I do know it has a 71% on RT, and that it stars Tina Fey and Steve Carell as a married couple caught up in some action-comedy scheme à la The Man Who Knew Too Little (starring Bill Murray back when he was still funny.) It was directed by the same guy who helmed those awful Museum movies with Ben Stiller, but that’s not necessarily the kiss of death. One can hope nye unto expectation that Fey and Carell are smart enough to go for a smart script.

Kick Ass (R) – If you’re a fanboy (aka boy or girl devoted obsessively or at least embarrassingly familiar with the world of comic books), you have heard about this film, and nothing I say can possibly better inform you. However, fanboys represent a relatively minor cross section of humanity, so I’ll assume that the majority of Rhombus’ readers haven’t ferreted out every possible shred of information about this film. It’s based on a graphic novel by the same name by Mark Millar, who is also responsible for such texts as Wanted. A lot of people have been going nuts about this latest adaptation of his work.

The simple rundown of KA is that a young teenage boy decides to don a costume and become a hero. He gets the snot beat out of him while also doing some of his own butt-kicking. Videos of him end up on YouTube, inspiring others and… you get the idea. It’s running at 75% on RT, which is impressive, and Matthew Vaughn (of Stardust fame) directed it. This one is going to have to get my recommendation, but with the disclaimer that with an R-rating on this subject matter, it’s bound to be bloody and at least moderately vulgar. But hey, you’re going to see a movie called “Kick Ass.” What do you expect?

Death at a Funeral (R) — There’s black comedy (think Dr. Strangelove), and then there’s Black comedy. Think Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover, Zoe Saldana, and token white dudes James Marsden, Luke Wilson and Peter Dinklage, who I swear is the best short actor ever. That’s actually a pretty wonderful line-up, and while some people I’ve talked to think the preview looks dumb, I think it looks promising — and RT is backing me up. So there, dumb people those of you who disagree with me. Who knows if I’ll ever actually see this movie, but I’ll tell you one thing: I adore Tracy Morgan.

How to Train Your Dragon (PG) – But not in 3D. At least, that would be my personal recommendation, because 3D is gimmicky and annoying. People have been finding transcendence, entertainment, and inspiration in films for over a hundred years without having stupid pointy things jabbing at their faces or going involuntarily cross-eyed. So disregard the 3D and listen up when I say that this film has been getting better buzz than any of the others out right now. People love it. Like, all people. If you want to go see something that’s truly entertaining and would be safe to watch with children and the elderly, this is probably your best bet. It’s a couple weeks old, but if I can carve out time for a movie this weekend, I’ll go see this one.


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