Glenn Beck the Prophet

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Glenn Beck is at it again. Actually, he has been at it for a while now, but his crazy scale sometimes goes so far off the charts that you can only go so long before he says something so absurd it begs to be addressed.

On August 28th, Glenn Beck will unveil his plan to “save our country.” Mr. Beck has been getting his followers prepared for what he calls “The Plan” over the past few months, much the same way his rants led to The 9/12 Project and the Tea Party. Take, for example, the talking points used by both Beck and his Tea Party followers. Just the other day, both were on the verge of tears ranting about how they need to “take our country back.” How could they accomplish such a valiant effort? That is where The Plan comes in.

Beck has been dropping hints and providing previews of what The Plan will contain. The anticipation is building to the point where Beck’s organized followers are undoubtedly going to make a pretty significant showing in a couple months. I know I can’t wait.

On his website, Beck tries to entice his readers by giving hints as to what the plan will contain, laying out a plan for “action steps that each of us can take to play a role in America’s re-founding.” (Re-found is not in Webster’s Dictionary, by the way.) That, in itself, is not unorthodox for Glenn Beck. But here’s the kicker — he says that God is revealing to him this master plan to re-found America.

No joke.

Here is what he said in his own words: “God is giving the plan, I think, to me,” followed by claiming it is “a plan that He would have me articulate.” He then makes clear his discipleship with this gem: “I haven’t seen Jesus and what he would do on a talk show on Fox, but I’m gonna try.”

I cannot make this stuff up.

Here’s how it happened. Beck was having a conversation with his co-host Pat Gray and he mentioned to him that he felt a darkness. His own words really articulate it better than I can so here you go: “I said, ‘I can feel it coming. It’s darkness, and I can just feel it coming.” So Beck went home with his co-host and prayed. Later, after he and his sidekick had finished praying, they began reading the Bible. He said they “found something the next day that I think is important for you.”

That is how “The Plan” came to be, ladies and gentlemen.

If a political pundit trying to position himself as a leader of conservative thought starts making outrageous statements like that in an attempt to create a movement so powerful it must be referred to as “The Plan,” you should probably take a step away from the bandwagon. But, according to Beck, it is meant to be and should be taken seriously since it is not only coming from God himself, but also has the blessing of the Founding Fathers. It is what they want as well, of course. Beck said as much and so it is; It will contain the “values of the Founding Fathers.”

As if all that wasn’t enough, the timing of it all is impeccable. It is not a coincidence that Beck chose August 28th as the date to reveal such a marvel. That is the anniversary of none other than Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech. Insulting, perhaps? If it isn’t insulting, it sure is pretentious.

And, of course, “The Plan” will be available in book form soon too, so Glenn clearly has no ulterior motives besides his sincere desire to bless us all with his revelatory saving powers. Nor does his advocating the investment of gold as a good idea in these hard times have anything to do with his sponsorship by Goldline, which rips off consumers by overcharging for their gold products. No conflict of interest there either.

Listening to or watching his show for a week is enough for any sane person to realize this guy has lost it. How many red flags do Glenn Beck fans need?


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