Exciting Games Shown at this Year’s E3

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If you’re one of the many young people who grew up playing video games and have not decided to eschew them in pursuit of an “adult life” then you, my friend, are in luck. This week has brought us many promising new adventures in the video game world and I want to talk about a few of them. Note: These are only three of the many promising games shown at E3 and they are all multiplayer, first-person shooters. I personally prefer these types of games which is why I am focusing on them specifically.

Battlefield 4


As a new, but avid, player of the Battlefield series (I first played Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360, which was my first introduction to Battlefield’s large scale warfare and amazing world destructibility… and then I got the PC version which blew me out of the water. Literally, my character was blown out of the water in multiple gameplay scenarios) I was not very excited when Battlefield 4 was announced. I thought it would amount to little more than a big expansion of Battlefield 3 especially since it was coming out so soon after the release of Battlefield 3. And then I saw this single player gameplay video and this multiplayer gameplay video shown at E3 and I WAS WRONG. I WAS SO DEAD WRONG. Needless to say it looks like Dice has put a lot of effort into making this game more than just an iterative update. The destruction is more destructive. The graphics looks even better and will have the power of new consoles to power them at 60 fps. The guns are still real world guns and the vehicles are still real world military vehicles. The maps are still humongous and if you’re playing on PC and there’s 63 people on the map with you, you’ll appreciate the space. These are the kinds of things I’m looking for in a first-person military shooter (sorry Call of Duty). Battlefield 4 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox 1 and PC.



A surprise showing that immediately caught my attention. Respawn Entertainment has created a very interesting new shooter with a twist. It seems from the gameplay demo that Titanfall has two games going on at the same time. It starts out as a pretty standard shooter experience. But there are some interesting new ideas tied to that, mainly the quick movement of soldiers and the ability to run on walls or jetpack to reach high and low points. Eventually, though, during the game you will be able to call down your “Titan,” a large robotic vehicle mech-style suit for your character. This Titan is not your typical slow-moving, laborious mech suit. It’s fast and nimble like your human character.

I really love the idea of mixing those two styles of gameplay. I get the feeling that working as a human with other humans to bring down a Titan will be a very satisfying experience. On the other end, being a one-man wrecking crew of destruction in your Titan will be some of the most fun you can have in a video game. Titanfall will be exclusive to Xbox 1 and 360 consoles and will also be available on PC. Sorry Sony faithfuls.



I saved the game I’m the most excited for for last. Destiny is a massive multiplayer online first-person shooter game from Bungie (the studio responsible for Halo 1-3, just to name a few). Halo 3 and Halo Reach are the doctrine upon which my gaming religion is based, so it may come as no surprise that I am massively excited for this game. Destiny takes place on futuristic Earth where there is one remaining colony of humans. The rest of Earth has been overrun by various species of hostile aliens. In the gameplay demo, you play as a human who is tasked with guarding the last human city on Earth. While you’ll be able to play through the game as a single player, the game is designed to easily add multiple players to cooperatively complete the objectives. Along those same lines, there will be public events that are triggered when groups of players gather close together. You can either take part in these events or just walk right through them and continue on your way. The concept of fluid multiplayer gameplay is very interesting to me. Being able to just join a group (or not) at any time or point in the game, rather than having to matchmake or choose to play some co-op levels, just seems like a really fun idea that I am very excited to try. There hasn’t been a lot of news about competitive multiplayer at E3, but I’m sure it will exist and I’m looking forward to seeing more details about it.

The little bit I’ve seen from E3 this year has me very excited to experience all the new types of games that will be coming out in the next year. If you’re a gamer, then I hope you’re as excited as I am. If you were a gamer and left games to pursue more “mature” endeavors then now is a good time to reexamine your life, realize you’re not as happy as you used to be, buy one of the new consoles coming out and have fun playing games.


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  • Colton J Chesnut

    Because I was one of those that pretty much missed E3 entirely because of previous engagements (WWDC) – I wasn’t aware of some of these new shooters… of all of them, Destiny looks like it could really really good. P.S. why hasn’t there been a massive multiplayer online first-person shooter before now? Because the genre name is too long?

    • jarrenb

      That’s probably why Bungie is not calling it an MMOFPS and I don’t think they want anyone else to either which I think is probably a good call as it’s not really a straight MMO + FPS together, but it seems to just borrow heavily from those two genres.