Have you ever sat with friends on a weekend night in Provo/Orem and bemoaned the fact that there was nothing cool to do? Have you ever wondered why most local publications rarely publish anything interesting or relevant to you? Do you like to learn about cool news bands, movies and restaurants, or perhaps inform yourself about current events from time to time? If so, Rhombus was made for you.

Rhombus is the award-winning online magazine that provides the storyboard to your life as a twenty-something in Utah Valley. For information on the music, movies and culture you live for on a local and not-so-local level, visit Rhombus and get the best news, opinion and insight on topics that actually matter to you; find out about cool concerts and events, so you don’t have to do “nothing” on a Friday night for the millionth time; and find that perfect new restaurant to take a date to before everyone else figures out it’s cool. After all, everyone wants to have a good time. We just help you do what you do best.

Read Rhombus: it may not cure cancer, but it will at least make life more interesting.

To contact Rhombus, send an e-mail to rhombusmag@gmail.com.

The magazine is currently searching for new contributors! If you are interested in joining the Rhombus team, please contact us at the e-mail above.

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Administration: Steve Pierce (editor); Colton Chesnut (web editor).

Contributors: Steve Pierce (music, politics); Colton Chesnut (tech); Ben Wagner (tech, food, sports); Jake Welch (sports, food); Jim Dalrymple (music, film); Jordan Petersen (film); Jess Jones (politics); Randal Serr (politics); Daniel Anderson (politics, music); Adam Stevens (sports); William Sutton (humor); Kristin Clift (events); Chance Clift (culture); Jon Schwarzmann (tech); Preston Johnson (sports).

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