Established in 2009, Rhombus is an award-winning online magazine that covers American popular culture from a uniquely opinionated perspective. Featuring a roster of talented, innovative writers who pull no punches, Rhombus dishes on the latest, greatest and most interesting in music, movies and television.

If you’re looking for safe, unremarkable blog posts that will barely scratch the surface and always make you feel warm and fuzzy, Rhombus probably isn’t for you. But if want quality, in-depth writing infused with engaging, cutting-edge opinion, then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to our world. Welcome to Rhombus.

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Administration: Steve Pierce (editor-in-chief); Colton Chesnut (web editor).

Contributors: Steve Pierce (politics, music); Colton Chesnut (tech); Ben Wagner (tech, sports); Jake Welch (sports); Jim Dalrymple (music, film); Jordan Petersen (film); Randal Serr (politics); Kristin Clift (culture); Daniel Anderson (politics, music); Preston Johnson (sports); Hunter Phillips (television, music); Meg Walter (television, film); Hunter Schwarz (music), Kasey Yardley (food), John Forbyn (film).