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Brandon Davies 2

SPORTS: Podcast: Brandon Davies' Suspension

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — and for the BYU men’s basketball team, the last 24 hours have certainly been the latter. Starting center Brandon Davies was dismissed from the team Tuesday after he violated the school’s Honor Code. What happened? What does this say about BYU and its fairly stringent standards? And what does this mean for the Cougars’ chances as they head into the NCAA tournament later this month? All great questions. Thankfully, the boys from The PB&J Report are here with a new podcast, ready to analyze yesterday’s events and provide some perspective on what this means for the near future of BYU basketball. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 039 — The PB&J Report (2011.03.02)

Carmelo Anthony Knicks

Podcast: NBA Trade Deadline

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

The PB&J Report guys recorded an emergency podcast on Wednesday to hash out their thoughts on some of the biggest NBA trades right before the league’s deadline. The big ones are all here, including Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks and Deron Williams to the Nets. Are the Jazz smart or stupid for shipping D-Will out early? Did the Knicks overpay for an underperforming Carmelo? Click on the link below to get the PB&J take. Enjoy!

Black Griffin

Podcast: BYU Basketball, NBA All-Star Weekend

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

This is posting a little late — this podcast was recorded on Friday — but it’s all good. The PB&J Report guys rap about BYU basketball and The Jimmer (of course), as well as the weekend’s (at that point) upcoming NBA All-Star festivities. Sure, most of these things might have changed since Friday — but what’s more fun than looking back and laughing at the crew’s (possibly) incorrect predictions? The answer: Nothing. Enjoy!

Aaron Rodgers

Podcast: BYU Basketball, Super Bowl Preview

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

It was the best of times and the worst of times… Last week, the BYU basketball teams pulled off one of the greatest wins in school history over an undefeated San Diego State team in stunning fashion — and then followed that up by laying a total egg on the road against New Mexico. The PB&J Report crew breaks down what it all means for the Cougars’ tournament positioning and looks forward to the back half of the conference season. Also, America’s favorite sporting event is on Sunday, and you know the boys won’t send you out into the cold without giving you their Packers-Steelers Super Bowl picks. Enjoy!

Cam Newton

SPORTS: You Can’t Fool Me, Cameron Newton

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

As we inch, ever so slowly, closer to the national championship football game between Auburn and Oregon, I can’t help but think of Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton. I can honestly say that he is one of the most talented athletes ever to play the game. I also have no problem saying he probably doesn’t deserve to be playing in this game.

I know people might think I’m too cynical for saying such a thing, but in a situation like this I would like to think I’m being very realistic. For all of those who question my thinking, let me take you though my personal history with professional and collegiate athletes.

You see I used to worship these guys, like I’m sure most of us did when we were eight years old. The walls of my room were literally covered with posters that I got out of issues of Sports Illustrated for Kids. I thought every single one of those guys I read about in that magazine walked on water — well, except for Kordell Stewart.

For the longest time I had this idea that athletes could do no wrong. I thought all of them were honest men that would never cheat on their wives, smoke marijuana or choke their coaches. Boy, did they dupe me.

I think the scandal that rocked my adolescence more than any other was the rampant steroid usage in baseball. I remember being perpetually glued to the TV in the summer of 1998, watching as Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire chased the home run record. This was when my love for baseball truly blossomed.

So a few years later when Jose Canseco said a majority of MLB players were using steroids, I thought he was crazy. It was just his way of trying to make money on his new book. Nothing more than a publicity stunt. Slowly but surely, we all started to realize that Jose wasn’t bluffing and a good number of ball players were juicing. I didn’t want to admit it, but my heroes were starting to prove me wrong.

For the next few years, the sports world would start to experience many more scandals that would follow the same framework of their steroidal predecessor. An athlete would be accused of something, the general public would dismiss it as a rumor and then, in due time, the truth would come out. A few examples include Reggie Bush getting paid, Michael Vick killing dogs and Michael Jordan making Space Jam for the sole purpose of paying off his gambling debts. (That last one might be questionable, but not totally absurd.)

The most recent example would be Tiger Woods. When things started to unravel for the world’s greatest golfer, a lot of us defended Tiger, saying all these accusations of infidelity were just tabloid fodder. Sure enough, the original reports were closer to the truth than we thought.

So earlier this year when Cam Newton was accused of accepting money to play at Auburn, I didn’t even question it. In all reality, when asked about the situation he never actually denied any wrongdoing. He just glazed over the question with poorly worded sports cliches.

It’s sad that I’ve come to this point — where I assume that famous athletes are guilty until proven innocent — but that’s just the reality of the situation. I’ve been fooled many times before and I refuse to be fooled again.

Goodbye Robert Anae, Hello ___________

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After a week of speculation, BYU fans (at least the majority of us) received welcome news when offensive coordinator Robert Anae officially resigned this morning. A lot of people saw this coming after last week’s news that Coach Bronco Mendenhall advised all of his offensive staff to seek employment elsewhere or to re-apply for their positions.

As much as I loathed the presence of Robert Anae on the coaching staff, I have to give credit where credit is due. Many of us don’t remember the years before Anae because they were very forgettable. He was able to bring back a vaunted passing attacked that was missing for the first half of the decade. Many credit his success to the NFL caliber players he had on his rosters, but even when Gary Crowton had talented players he wasn’t able to piece together an offense quite like that of Anae. He was good, but never great — and, in the end, that’s why he is out.

Everyone is speculating that Anae will join up with his former boss Mike Leach. The former Texas Tech coach is the front runner to fill the head coaching vacancy at Maryland and, if he gets that position, Anae could join his offensive coaching staff.

So now that Anae is gone, there are two questions that need to be answered. Which of the offensive coaches will be back from last season’s staff? And who will be named offensive coordinator?

At this point, I expect most of the offensive staff will return. In all likelihood, Brandon Doman will take over as offensive coordinator. Mendenhall has been singing his praises all season and even said that he was the best quarterbacks coach in the country. I also think he is a great coach and, if we don’t promote him soon, someone else will.

Offensive line coach Mark Weber should be back next season. He has always done a phenomenal job coaching the big guys up front, even when he had very young and inexperienced players. The running backs coach Lance Reynolds should also be back, but he might decide it’s time for him to retire after being with the team for 25-plus years.

If anyone else is going to leave, it would be wide receivers coach Patrick Higgins. The receiving unit had some bright spots toward the end of the year, but they were uninspiring for most of the season. There is a rumor going around that Ben Cahoon, a former BYU star and record-setting wide receiver in the CFL, could be in line to take his place.

I would love for Bronco to bring in some new blood to the program, but I’m not sure where it would come from. A lot of people are throwing out the name of Ty Detmer, but that could be a stretch because he doesn’t have any real coaching experience.

In the end I don’t see a whole lot of change occurring within the offensive staff. Doman will probably get promoted and use the same basic system that was in place. If anything, we can look forward to better play-calling and a team that plays like they respect and trust their coach.

Urban Meyer

SPORTS: Podcast: BYU Basketball Update, College Football Coaching Carousel, and More

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

Another week, another couple impressive wins for the still undefeated BYU men’s basketball team. With an athletic Arizona team rolling into town and looking for revenge after the righteous beatdown Jimmer put on them last year, how long can the Cougars keep this winning streak going? Also, with college football coaching vacancies opening up seemingly every day, who’s going to end up where on the always turning carousel? Answers to these questions and many more on this week’s edition of The PB&J Report. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 031 — The PB&J Report (2010.12.10)

Jake Heaps 2

SPORTS: Podcast: BYU-Utah Recap, BYU Basketball Update, Derek Anderson Freaks Out

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

Harrowed by the memory of last Saturday’s Holy War loss, the PB&J Report crew reflect on the somewhat disappointing BYU football season that was 2010 — and look forward with hope to the impending era of “Big Game” Jake Heaps. Meanwhile, the BYU basketball team is winning ugly, but winning nonetheless. What does the future hold for Jimmer Fredette and the boys as they prepare to tackle some high-profile non-conference opponents? And why does it seem Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson is always freaking out on ESPN? You can find all this and more on this week’s PB&J Report. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 030 — The PB&J Report (2010.12.01)

Who Got the Best Post-MWC Deal?

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Just a few days ago, TCU announced they will be leaving the Mountain West Conference for the greener BCS pastures of the Big East. I will be the first to admit my disdain for the Big East and their automatic BCS bid, but I also think this was the best landing spot for the Horned Frogs. I would even say it was the best move made by any of the three teams leaving the MWC.

When it comes right down to it, we know this was all about the money. Going to a BCS conference means BCS money and a BCS television contract. While it’s true that Utah will jump on a similar gravy train in the Pac-12, TCU will only have to split their money between nine other schools, as opposed to the 11 schools Utah will have to share with. BYU will get its own contract with ESPN, but it won’t come close to what TCU will be hauling in every year.

TCU is also going to a significantly weaker conference. Some might say this will put them at a disadvantage, but I beg to differ. If Gary Patterson continues his winning ways, the Horned Frogs should compete for a conference championship every year — and that means going to a BCS game. I could see how the soft schedule would work against them if, for example, Utah and TCU were both to go undefeated in their respective BCS conferences. I could see Utah getting the nod for the national championship game and TCU being shut out. In fact, we saw this happen last year when an undefeated Cincinnati team was shut out from playing in the title game.

To be completely honest, I don’t see Utah going into the Pac-12 and winning a conference championship in their first five years. By that time, TCU could win three or four. They are that good of a football program and they will play in a very winnable conference.

Another huge factor I think people are missing out on is the presence of East Coast bias. People in New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania will now be seeing TCU on a regular basis at a viewer-friendly hour. The Pac-10 still struggles to earn the respect of the media back east, because they simply don’t see any of their games. TCU should have no problem getting all kinds of attention in their new position.

While TCU will enjoy a soft football schedule, tons of money and a lot more attention, they will also have to endure lengthy road trips and watch their basketball team get mauled every year in conference play. TCU does have a phenomenal baseball program that will see some better competition, but they will struggle in the rest of the Olympic sports. But like I said, in the end it’s all about the money — and TCU will be making bank.

It’s interesting to think that TCU got the best deal out of the three teams leaving because they made their decision a little later in the game. I guess there’s some truth in that whole “patience is a virtue” thing.

Who Will Dish Out the Hate Speech This Year?

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As we get closer and closer to game time, there is one question that should most definitely be on our minds. I know for a fact that someone is going to fill the shoes of Max Hall and dish out some hate speech after tomorrow’s game. The only thing we are left to wonder is who it will be. Let’s take a look at the possible candidates.

Bronco Mendenhall

I know most of you think there is no way that Bronco would ever spout off on the U., but you never do know. I know he will never admit it, but every defensive coordinator has a little crazy in them. Just look at other defensive-minded head coaches, namely Nebraska’s Bo Pelini and Arizona’s Mike Stoops. Bronco doesn’t seem like he is capable of a complete and utter meltdown like Pelini had last week, but you better believe that he gets fired up. ODDS: Did hell freeze over yet? No? OK then. Not happening. 1,000,000,000,000,000-1

Travis Uale

I have a good feeling about this guy because he used to play for the Utes back in 2005. Well, he didn’t actually play for them, but he did redshirt and practice with the team. I could see him going up to the podium and making a very logical case for his hate because, after all, he was there to experience the school for himself and, therefore, has the credibility to make a reasonable judgment. This would also open the door for Kyle Whittingham to say a few things about BYU, seeing that he spent his playing days here in Provo. ODDS: I bet he has some beef that he wants to get off of his chest. 8-1

O’Neill Chambers

For some reason I have a feeling that our ole pal O’Neill could come out of nowhere and surprise us by saying some hateful words about BYU. He is still here in the state of Utah finishing up his classes, so it could happen. How about this for a hypothetical? Maybe he decides to come up to SLC for the game for fun and Sammy Linebaugh from The Mountain finds him in the stands wearing a Florida Gators hoodie. She figures it would be insightful reporting if she asked him a few questions about his former team and heads into the stands. O’Neill tries a few spin moves to get away from her but, as we all know, the vaunted spin fails him. Frustrated by his attempts to get away, he gets caught up in the moment and unleashes a substantial amount of profanity, which not only gets The Mountain in all kinds of trouble but also makes for the most awkward moment in television history. ODDS: For those of you who are going to the game, you might want to set this one to record on your DVR. This might just happen. 2-1

Jake Heaps

Ever since he has been allowed to speak into a microphone at the BYU press conferences, Heaps has pretty much said all the right things. The way he talks about execution and preparation makes you wonder if Bronco has threatened to take away his dining privileges if he said anything besides those two words. There is a chance, however, that Max Hall personally contacted Heaps and told him that he needed to carry on the tradition of excellence. With this being Jake’s first Holy War, he just might go against Bronco’s wishes and unleash hellfire and damnation from the postgame podium. ODDS: This will actually happen next year after Jake’s parents get drenched with beer during this year’s game. 30-1

Matt Reynolds

I want to say there has never been an offensive lineman that has used hate speech in the Holy War. Defensive linemen have been guilty many times, but not those guys on offense. Pre-season All-American Matt Reynolds just might be the guy to buck the trend. I could see a Utah defensive player questioning his toughness after he gets hurt for the 377th time this season. He would then decide to grow a pair, live up to his All-American billing and then talk some trash after the game. Trust me when I say that the Reynolds brothers are capable of a mean streak. One of them may or may not have accidentally punched me in the face during drills at BYU football camp when I was 13. (I got over it quickly after LaVell Edwards handed me an ice pack and called me son. That was about as close as I came to playing BYU football. Those were the glory days.) ODDS: Pretty sure they don’t let people over 300 lbs speak in the postgame press conference. 300-1

Andrew Rich

I just got done reading a lovely article about how Andrew Rich’s brother is a huge Utah fan. That would make it really tough for Rich to replicate Max’s performance from last year. I can see it now. “I don’t like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate their… wait. I actually don’t hate my brother, who is a big Utah fan. He’s a pretty good guy. I actually don’t mind their coaches either. I played a round of golf with Whittingham during the summer and I took his daughter out on a few dates. I guess I just hate their alumni.” ODDS: This guy is pretty much Bronco Mendenhall reincarnated. There is no way he slings any hate. Unless he actually did date Whittingham’s daughter and it ended badly. 500-1

Matt Marshall

I find it very interesting that one of the more insignificant individuals on the BYU football team happens to be the most arrogant. I actually shouldn’t say that. He came up huge on two fake punts and has done a great job holding extra points. That said, it seems like every single game I see Matt get in someone’s face to talk at little trash. Marshall is also from the SLC area so I’m sure he has plenty of beef with some folks up on the hill. If he does decide to run his mouth, let’s hope tsomeone with a little more substance, like Terrance Brown, will have his back. I’m afraid of what someone might do to the little guy. ODDS: I’m taking this bet to the bank. Well, to Vegas first, then the bank. 2-5

Jordan Pendleton

Correct me if I am wrong, but JP might be the scariest person alive. He has this look in his eye that screams, “I’M SO FREAKING CRAZY! I WILL EAT YOU!” You think I’m kidding, but I’ve seen it. I nearly wet myself. Anyhow, nobody knows if he is going to play in this week’s game, but I’m going to say he will tough it out and suit up. It seems as if BYU coaches have done their best in keeping JP away from the media, but I think after this game a reporter will shove a microphone in his face and he will go crazy and let the hate spew from his mouth. ODDS: He’ll probably eat Matt Asiata’s leg instead. 50-1