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In-N-Out Five Guys

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys

Written by Kasey Yardley on . Posted in Food

I never met a cheeseburger I didn’t like. Of all the wonderful foods in this world, I think cheeseburgers are one thing I could probably eat everyday. (In a world with no calories, that is.) However, not all cheeseburgers are created equal.

I took a recent survey amongst some of my Facebook friends and was surprised to find a pretty even division between In-N-Out and Five Guys lovers. I thought it might be interesting to compare them and see which cheeseburger reigns supreme. I’ve graded the burgers according to five categories: meat, bun, toppings, sauce, and overall taste. I think that pretty much covers the important stuff. Here we go…

La Jolla Groves

Review: La Jolla Groves

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Just a few interesting facts in the world that we may not have foreseen a year ago: A 16-year-old boy named Justin Bieber is the most popular human being on earth; Conan O’Brien has a show on TBS; Jimmer Fredette and the BYU men’s basketball team are ranked No. 3 in the nation (for now); Charlie Sheen is a crack addict (Okay, you saw that one coming — Two and a Half Men is awful, by the way); and finally, the Provo culinary scene is booming with new, delicious restaurants that are worth trying.

There seems to be a throng of fresh, creative restaurants springing up all over Utah County — places like Communal, Pizzeria 712, Station 22 and Rooster, just to name a few. I recently discovered a new restaurant that made me even more proud to be a Provo-ite: La Jolla Groves. Tucked in the newly enhanced and bustling Shops at Riverwoods, La Jolla Groves is using fresh, locally-grown ingredients to prepare their insanely delicious dishes. In fact, the restaurant’s slogan is “Insanely good food, healthier ingredients” — very appropriate, if you ask me.


Review: Vetri Ristorante

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I had a landmark experience in eating last week. It was one of those infrequent happenings that only come along every now and again, if you’re lucky. Like being a Boston Red Sox fan and living in Utah — you’ll probably make it up to Fenway only once or twice in your life, but the experience means everything when you finally do. Walking into Vetri in downtown Philadelphia was like that for me — like going to Fenway and smelling the freshly cut grass, except for me it was the smell of the best pasta in the country.

Marc Vetri received his training in Bergamo, Italy by some of the country’s most noted chefs. Since then, he has opened both his 40-seat restaurant Vetri in 1998 and Osteria in 2007. He’s won several awards for his culinary aptitude, including the prestigious James Beard Award for “Best Chef Mid-Atlantic” in 2005. Even Chef Mario Batali is quoted, saying, “This is possibly the best Italian restaurant on the East Coast,” which is quite the compliment, especially from a man with his own Italian restaurant in New York City.

Diet Coke

Are You a Diet Coke Drinker Yet?

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I have long been an enthusiastic antagonist of Diet Coke. “Your mom called; she wants her drink back” was a phrase often used in my snide, anti-Diet Coke remarks. You see, I grew up in a predominately Diet Coke-drinking household, which might actually make you think I would have grown to love it — but not the case.

My disdain for the vile beverage only grew stronger as I grew older. Even worse, I was oftentimes left with no other choice in terms of beverages in my house — it was either force down the dry, bland, artificial flavor of Diet Coke, or drink Sunny D, purple stuff or tap water.

Having had that experience as a kid, it’s no wonder I grew to love the delicious, refreshing taste of Coke Classic. Once I had a sip of the “real stuff,” I was hooked. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been an avid Coke drinker. Too much caffeine seems to give me headaches — bad ones. But on certain occasions and especially when pairing a drink with a meal, in my opinion, nothing tastes better than “real” Coke. I don’t care if you’re drinking a high-quality wine with woodsy high notes, floral low notes, or any other weird, wine-describing adjective (not an alcohol drinker, can you tell?), nothing tastes better with a meal than Coke Classic. Nothing.

Man vs Food

Tune In to Food Television

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You never thought you’d see it, but food television has officially become popular. Thank you, Julia Child.

These days there are channels like Food Network and Cooking Channel that are dedicated entirely to the wonderful subject of food, which is a dream come true for some of us. You don’t have to be a “foodie” to enjoy great food television. Here’s a list of some of my favorite shows:

Pizzeria 712

Review: Pizzeria 712

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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to pizza. It’s just one of those foods that a lot of people are passionate about. And we all seem to know of our own place that makes “the best pizza.” Well, I’d like to tell you about one of my favorite pizza places. Let’s just put it this way: whatever your favorite is, mine punches it right in the face. I’m just saying, it’s delicious.

“When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is.” –Alice Waters

You’ll find this quote front and center on Pizzeria 712’s website. That’s because their food philosophy is well thought, yet simplistic. They use the very best local ingredients to create simple masterpieces. I was introduced by a good buddy a couple of years ago, I fell in love, and have been back a dozen times since.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Review: Bombay House

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I’m just going to say it: Great food brings me joy unlike anything else in this world. I know, I know, that’s a big, dramatic statement. Besides, it’s just food, right?

No, my friends — it isn’t just food. And if you find yourself rolling your eyes with a similar sentiment, then you should probably stop reading here. But if you’re like me and find some of life’s greatest delights through your taste buds, then read on, young foodies…

I’ve decided to make my inaugural article in this glorious online publication about one of my current food obsessions: Bombay House.

If you’ve never been, then here’s the low down: With locations in Provo and Salt Lake, Bombay House is an authentic Indian-style restaurant with all of the classic dishes, including everything from vegetarian dishes to chicken, lamb and seafood. The chicken and lamb are cooked in large tandoori ovens, which are basically clay pots that generate heat using charcoal or wood. The clay used to make these ovens is found exclusively in India and they are well-seasoned on the inside before use. They cook at a very high temperature (900oº F) and give the meat a delicious, seared-in barbecue flavor.