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A Case (Lot) for the Black Bean

Written by Keith Bond on . Posted in Food

Black Bean Soup

In case (pun intended) you haven’t noticed, the mighty trifecta of Provo/Orem grocery stores are just about done wrapping up their most recent episode of everyone’s favorite shopping steal: the case lot sale. If you were brave enough to battle the even-more-so crowded parking lots, play bumper carts with half the county, and stand in lines that make a summer holiday at Disneyland seem not so bad after all, you have found yourself with a pantry full of food that you may not know what to do with.

I am just like you — I don’t know why I needed 36 cans of corn, but for savings of 30 cents or more per can, well, someone grab me an extra cart. And now here we are, staring at a cupboard full of canned goods, wondering why you just dropped half of next month’s rent on food you aren’t even sure if you like. Don’t worry. In case of a local disaster, you will be everyone’s new favorite neighbor. But rather than letting your case lot investment turn into paperweights or bed risers, there are plenty of delicious meals that require nothing more than a few of these canned commodities.