Watch Premiere League Soccer

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You like soccer right? Well what if, by some crazy means, soccer were actually called football? I know it seems odd to call a game where you ONLY use your feet “football” when there is a perfectly good game where you hardly ever use your feet called “football,” but such is the case in England. Our homeland. The place we come from. We call New York New York because in the UK there is an older place called York. We have New Hampshire because our former country has an older place called Hampshire. Those nutsos are crazy over there and they’re super crazy about football (soccer).

In England there is a league of football called the English Premier League, or EPL. There are 20 teams, most of which are in London (not really, but six teams are located in London which is a fair amount).


How to Win at Fantasy Football

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Welcome sports fans to the wonderful world of Fantasy Football! Now don’t be scared. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. If you are worried about being able to pwn your fellow fantasy cohorts whilst being a “n00b” then look no further. Just for you, I have compiled a step-by-step process on “How to Win at Fantasy Football,” and you can trust me because I’m like a doctor in a lot ways.

Step 1) Make sure you get the guy who will score the most points.

You only have one chance to get the guy who scores the most points. Here’s how you can do it…random luck. If you get the first pick in the draft (if the draft is a regular draft and not an auction draft) then you have a great opportunity to choose the player who will score the most points. If you are participating in an auction draft, then pay the most money to get the best player. If you are in a room with all the other guys in the league who will also be drafting, then you can research ways to blackmail all of them. You can then blackmail the guy who is given the first pick. What he will then do, because he is being blackmailed, is graciously and unsuspiciously turn the first pick over to you and you will then have a great opportunity to pick up the player who will score the most points.

But wait, you are in the middle of saying to me, “What if I have no way of knowing who will score the most points?”

Roger Federer

Tennis’ Top Gun Moment

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There is this fantastic scene in Top Gun, just after the best fighter pilots in the country arrive in Miramar, where Chief Instructor Mike “Viper” Metcalf explains the objective of the Top Gun program. Essentially, with the advent of heat seeking missiles, fighter pilots lost touch with the nuance of flying jets. They let the technology do all the work and, as a result, U.S. fighter pilot records dipped sharply during the Vietnam War (or so says the film). Top Gun was created to train pilots in the art of dog fighting, shifting the emphasis back on individual performance. Success rates (again, according to the movie) radically improved.

Remarkably, men’s professional tennis has gone through a similar transformation. If you’ve never had the chance to YouTube tennis highlights from the early- and mid-1980s, I highly recommend you try it soon. It will startle you how different the game is. Points last two or three strokes — serve, return, volley off the side of the court. Rackets of this era are indistinguishable from badminton rackets, and provide almost no pace to groundstrokes. It’s all about technique — a chess game, or an episode of cat-and-mouse.

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Respect BYU’s Principles — Even If You Don’t Like Them

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The Honor Code is useless. It is archaic and completely unrelated to the obtaining of a degree of any kind. If you look the Honor Code statement up on BYU’s website, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and then click on a link to a new page to find anything related to academics. In fact, this entire paragraph is actually against the Honor Code altogether, as one must “encourage others in their commitment to comply with the Honor Code.”

However, despite my personal disdain for BYU’s Honor Code, I still understand — and, in fact, appreciate — what happened to leading rebounder and part-of-the-reason-why-BYU-lost-to-New-Mexico-at-home, Brandon Davies.

In the next few days you will hear the classic arguments for and against the Honor Code. You’ve already heard some on this very site. If you live (or have lived) around Provo, you are intimately familiar with these arguments:

Brandon Davies 2

SPORTS: Podcast: Brandon Davies' Suspension

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Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — and for the BYU men’s basketball team, the last 24 hours have certainly been the latter. Starting center Brandon Davies was dismissed from the team Tuesday after he violated the school’s Honor Code. What happened? What does this say about BYU and its fairly stringent standards? And what does this mean for the Cougars’ chances as they head into the NCAA tournament later this month? All great questions. Thankfully, the boys from The PB&J Report are here with a new podcast, ready to analyze yesterday’s events and provide some perspective on what this means for the near future of BYU basketball. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 039 — The PB&J Report (2011.03.02)

Brandon Davies

Blame BYU for Davies’ Fall

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Brigham Young University has shot itself in the foot — right in the middle of a race.

The Daily Herald (my daytime employer, though I had nothing to do with the story) broke the news Tuesday night that starting center Brandon Davies will not complete the season because he violated the school’s Honor Code. The news is a big blow. And though I can’t make a decent prediction about the consequences of the news, nothing good can come if it.

But while Davies obviously let down his team and community, an equal share of culpability goes to BYU for its opaque enforcement of a bizarre and arcane set of rules. In other words, Davies screwed up because he broke the rules, but BYU did the same when — by implementing and enforcing those rules — it set the stage for Davies’ failure.

Carmelo Anthony Knicks

Podcast: NBA Trade Deadline

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The PB&J Report guys recorded an emergency podcast on Wednesday to hash out their thoughts on some of the biggest NBA trades right before the league’s deadline. The big ones are all here, including Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks and Deron Williams to the Nets. Are the Jazz smart or stupid for shipping D-Will out early? Did the Knicks overpay for an underperforming Carmelo? Click on the link below to get the PB&J take. Enjoy!

Black Griffin

Podcast: BYU Basketball, NBA All-Star Weekend

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This is posting a little late — this podcast was recorded on Friday — but it’s all good. The PB&J Report guys rap about BYU basketball and The Jimmer (of course), as well as the weekend’s (at that point) upcoming NBA All-Star festivities. Sure, most of these things might have changed since Friday — but what’s more fun than looking back and laughing at the crew’s (possibly) incorrect predictions? The answer: Nothing. Enjoy!

Andy Williams 1

Interview with Real Salt Lake’s Andy Williams

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Real Salt Lake begins meaningful play on February 22. The team is coming off its most successful season, in which they broke a number of MLS records, including least amount of goals allowed and longest streak of unbeaten matches at home.

Midfielder Andy Williams has been with the club since its founding and remains a fan favorite. He graciously agreed to participate in a recent email interview with Rhombus. You can read the full interview below:

Aaron Rodgers

Podcast: BYU Basketball, Super Bowl Preview

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It was the best of times and the worst of times… Last week, the BYU basketball teams pulled off one of the greatest wins in school history over an undefeated San Diego State team in stunning fashion — and then followed that up by laying a total egg on the road against New Mexico. The PB&J Report crew breaks down what it all means for the Cougars’ tournament positioning and looks forward to the back half of the conference season. Also, America’s favorite sporting event is on Sunday, and you know the boys won’t send you out into the cold without giving you their Packers-Steelers Super Bowl picks. Enjoy!