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A look at iOS 7: the good, the bad and the same

Written by Colton Chesnut on . Posted in Tech

Here I was sitting and watching the live broadcast of WWDC and I thought, “Things have really changed with these Apple events.” I don’t want to get all uber-nostalgic with fanboy grandeur or anything, but I do have a comment on certain aspects of the Apple keynote that were completely missing from Monday morning’s presentation of iOS 7. In a word, defense. In a few more words … I know that Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs. I don’t expect him to be. However, when you wield a company like Apple, you don’t have to justify to your audience that you still do incredible things. We know that. The problem is, we expect that. I don’t propose we give a book by Stephen Covey to Tim Cook, I just remember that in the past an Apple keynote felt more like a cult-ish mob rally and less like a formal apology at a public trial.


2013 Android Phones: Televisions Don’t Belong on Your Face

Written by Colton Chesnut on . Posted in Tech

You know exactly what I am talking about.

You’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when walking through the mobile department at your local Best Buy. The Note 2 is not a mobile phone. It is a television. I have had one up to my face and I don’t like it. Not because I would have to buy new pants with larger pockets to own one, but because it simply lacks original thought. I don’t want to sound like I’m on a total rant, there is a point to this.


Why I Won’t Be Getting Another iPhone

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Tech

In a word? AT&T, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

I’m not dropping the phone because it’s not a great phone or because of AT&T’s coverage, nor am I dropping it because of their piss-poor service. I’m ditching because of their new data plan pricing, just announced this morning.

One of the biggest reasons I find that people don’t switch to the iPhone is that it’s too expensive — not the phone itself, but the minimum iPhone plan runs about $100 a month. After you pay for the required 3G data plan, the minutes and the texting, you are left paying quite a hefty price. My counter argument is normally that it’s worth it, that having that unlimited data connection and non-stop access to the Internet is a life-changer, that it will change your daily routine and the way you communicate with the world.


Best of the App Store

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Tech

It’s spring time again, that wonderful time when I waste money on fun, quirky little iPhone games in order to procrastinate from studying for finals. With the recent arrival of the iPad, not a whole lot of attention is being paid to just regular iPhone apps. Lucky for you, I’m still here to let you know what good apps I’ve found lately in the iTunes App Store.


Say Hello to Apple’s iPad

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Tech

Unless you’ve been living in a technology-free zone for the last six months, you probably heard the rumors of the secret Apple tablet computer (and when I say secret, I mean officially the worst kept secret in the history of technology).

Well, today Steve Jobs and his black turtleneck finally unveiled the product to the masses at a media event in San Fransisco. Despite sounding more like a high-tech feminine hygiene product than a groundbreaking media device, the iPad demonstrated impressive capabilities and Apple appears poised to have another huge hit. We at Rhombus, of course, are here to bring you the breakdown of what you need to know about this next-generation mobile computing device.

Best of the App Store: Holiday Edition

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Tech

Once again, the holiday season is upon us and we’ll be giving and receiving fantastic gifts like toy trains, dolls, and the ever-popular iTunes gift cards. And what better way to spend those iTunes bucks than on all the newest iPhone apps available on the App Store. Here are some of my personal recommendations:


War of the Smartphones

Written by Jon Schwarzmann on . Posted in Tech

I love Apple. The iPhone is a really great gadget — it’s smooth, fast and has really cool features. I’ve been on the verge of getting one several times and nearly won over by its amazingness, yet never fully committed to it. I have two reasons for this. First, because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard, and second, because I am a Google fan(atic). Last year Google entered the smartphone market, not with any hardware but with an operating system (OS) called Android.

Let me make clear what can be considered a “smartphone.”  This category does more than texting and calling; they can also do e-mail, web-browsing, word processing and anything else a normal, run-of-the-mill phone does not. The way these devices are used varies immensely, and thus there are a huge number of distinctive features. Many are affiliated with physical attributes, i.e. a slider, flip, headphone jack, touch screen, keyboard, or other general aesthetics. Second, and sometimes the more important issue, what can the software do? Can it handle games, business tools, social networking functions, etc.?  Whether you’re a corporate mogul, college student or teenybopper, one smartphone is going to satisfy your needs with a huge variety of apps and functionalities available.

Apple’s Rock & Roll Event

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Tech

Last week Apple had one of its trademark media events focusing on the iPod and iTunes line-up. Apple has become notorious for building up huge expectations for these events, inspiring a flurry of online speculation and rumors as to what will be announced. Last week’s event was no exception. For weeks rumors had been circulating the internet as to what would be shown at the event: the iTablet, an Apple TV refresh, an appearance by the remaining Beatles? Well, people hoping for those things were sorely disapointed. However, a plethora of news did come out of the event and Rhombus is here to give you the rundown.