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Brandon Davies 2

SPORTS: Podcast: Brandon Davies' Suspension

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

Charles Dickens once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” — and for the BYU men’s basketball team, the last 24 hours have certainly been the latter. Starting center Brandon Davies was dismissed from the team Tuesday after he violated the school’s Honor Code. What happened? What does this say about BYU and its fairly stringent standards? And what does this mean for the Cougars’ chances as they head into the NCAA tournament later this month? All great questions. Thankfully, the boys from The PB&J Report are here with a new podcast, ready to analyze yesterday’s events and provide some perspective on what this means for the near future of BYU basketball. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 039 — The PB&J Report (2011.03.02)

Brandon Davies

Blame BYU for Davies’ Fall

Written by Jim Dalrymple on . Posted in Sports

Brigham Young University has shot itself in the foot — right in the middle of a race.

The Daily Herald (my daytime employer, though I had nothing to do with the story) broke the news Tuesday night that starting center Brandon Davies will not complete the season because he violated the school’s Honor Code. The news is a big blow. And though I can’t make a decent prediction about the consequences of the news, nothing good can come if it.

But while Davies obviously let down his team and community, an equal share of culpability goes to BYU for its opaque enforcement of a bizarre and arcane set of rules. In other words, Davies screwed up because he broke the rules, but BYU did the same when — by implementing and enforcing those rules — it set the stage for Davies’ failure.

Black Griffin

Podcast: BYU Basketball, NBA All-Star Weekend

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

This is posting a little late — this podcast was recorded on Friday — but it’s all good. The PB&J Report guys rap about BYU basketball and The Jimmer (of course), as well as the weekend’s (at that point) upcoming NBA All-Star festivities. Sure, most of these things might have changed since Friday — but what’s more fun than looking back and laughing at the crew’s (possibly) incorrect predictions? The answer: Nothing. Enjoy!

Aaron Rodgers

Podcast: BYU Basketball, Super Bowl Preview

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

It was the best of times and the worst of times… Last week, the BYU basketball teams pulled off one of the greatest wins in school history over an undefeated San Diego State team in stunning fashion — and then followed that up by laying a total egg on the road against New Mexico. The PB&J Report crew breaks down what it all means for the Cougars’ tournament positioning and looks forward to the back half of the conference season. Also, America’s favorite sporting event is on Sunday, and you know the boys won’t send you out into the cold without giving you their Packers-Steelers Super Bowl picks. Enjoy!

BYU Basketball

BYU Basketball: Not Just Jimmer

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Sports

If you listen to The PB&J Report podcast (and at this point, why aren’t you?), then you know I have a method of sorts when it comes to BYU sports — I am the eternal pessimist.

Don’t get me wrong, no one bleeds blood as Cougar blue as mine. But just because I love the team doesn’t mean I blindly believe they will win every game — that would just make me ignorant (or a Ute fan). Experience is knowledge, and I’ve experienced too many overtime losses, tournament no-shows and blown calls to believe in the Cougars as hard as I pull for them.

So when I picked San Diego State to beat our men’s basketball team at home last night, much of it was the eternal pessimism speaking. But more than that, I really didn’t think we had the team to beat them. San Diego State has size, athleticism, and is defensively minded. While I thought we had a great player in Jimmer Fredette, I also felt our team was too flawed to really compete with talent of that caliber. BYU is small, has trouble rebounding, and has absolutely no depth — or so I thought. In other words, I thought we had a great player, not a great team.

Jimmer Kawhi

Podcast: BYU-SDSU Preview, Super Bowl

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Sports

For college basketball fans (and, particularly, BYU fans), it’s the Game Of The Year — nay, The Game Of The Century — and the PB&J Report boys are here to break down the impending BYU-San Diego State slugfest from every possible angle. Listen as the crew analyzes both teams’ strengths and weaknesses and makes their (extremely educated) picks for the big game. Also, they throw in a few thoughts on Sunday’s NFL playoff games and next week’s Super Bowl to boot. Now, who doesn’t want some of that? Enjoy!

Jimmer Fredette

SPORTS: Podcast: Jimmer Goes Off, Auburn Wins It All and the NFL Playoffs Heat Up

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Sports

It’s that time of year again — the best time of year. College football is finishing strong, the NFL playoffs are heating up and basketball season is really starting to get interesting. Sports fans will think back on these times and salivate in July when all they have to watch is baseball, baseball and more baseball. As such, the PB&J Report crew gather to discuss the latest developments, including Jimmer Fredette’s 47-point explosion against Utah, Auburn’s national championship squeaker and the upcoming weekend slate of NFL games. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 034 — The PB&J Report (2011.01.11)

Dear Utah, You Have Officially Been Jimmered

Written by Preston Johnson on . Posted in Uncategorized

Jimmer Fredette’s brother T.J. has always said he is amazing (see rapper T.J. Fredette’s song that is, interestingly enough, titled “Amazing”) — and after seeing Jimmer put up 39 points on UNLV last week in Las Vegas only to follow it up with the madness that was last night in Salt Lake City, I think I have to agree.

Fortunately for me I am not alone on this one. Jimmer and the BYU Cougars were the lead on SportsCenter last night, beginning the show with highlights of the BYU-Utah game, only to be directly followed by an interview Scott Van Pelt of ESPN had with Jimmer.

Despite embarrassingly missing a wide-open dunk late in the second half of last night’s game, Jimmer was able to do just about everything else. He had 47 points (32 of which came in the first half alone — more than any other Mountain West player has scored in an entire game this season), 6 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and, for good measure, a 42-foot shot at the buzzer to complete the run Jimmer BYU made to end the first half.

My favorite part about last night was not only his stellar performance, but the attention he is finally receiving from the media outside of Utah. The Twitter universe was flipping out as soon as the halftime buzzer sounded, and the nation began spreading the word that the All-American guard out of BYU had 32 points… in the first half.

I recognized that ESPN and CBS analysts like Andy Katz, Scott Van Pelt, Jalen Rose, Billy Packer, current NBA players, and even a few underground rappers I had never heard of were all tweeting about the show Jimmer was putting on in Salt Lake City. For example, I am sitting here eating lunch this very second listening to a group of girls (yes, females) talk about how Jimmer’s half-court shot was the #1 play on Sports Center last night. With an appearance on College Basketball Live late last night and an interview with Dan Patrick this morning on ESPN Radio, it is safe to say that Jimmer and the 10th ranked Cougars are receiving some well deserved attention.

Maybe the best part of last night was that all this took place in Salt Lake City — at the Huntsman Center on the Utes’ home court. Jimmer’s 49 points last year against Arizona was as impressive as any game I had seen from a college player. He set a personal career high in points and set the BYU all-time single-game scoring record. But last night, the same night teammate Jackson Emery passed former BYU great Danny Ainge as BYU’s all-time steals leader, against the Cougars long-time rival the University of Utah, on the Utes’ home court, his 47 points in 35 minutes of playing time could not have been sweeter.

Dear Utah, you have officially been Jimmered.

BYU guard Jimmer Fredette drives against a Vermont defender in Glens Falls, N.Y.

SPORTS: Podcast: Year-End Wrap-Up, BYU Football Bowl Preview

Written by Ben Wagner on . Posted in Sports

And so it ends. Ben Wagner is back from England — just in time for Jake Welch and Preston Johnson to fill him in on all the sports action he missed in the last PB&J Report of the year. The guys talk about BYU football’s disappointing season (including a preview of this Saturday’s New Mexico Bowl match-up with UTEP), BYU basketball’s promising start, the NBA, MLB and just about every significant sporting event of the last four months. If you were in a coma (or out of the country) for this fall’s whirlwind sports season, this week’s episode should get you pretty much caught up in time for the start of 2011. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 032 — The PB&J Report (2010.12.17)

Urban Meyer

SPORTS: Podcast: BYU Basketball Update, College Football Coaching Carousel, and More

Written by Jake Welch on . Posted in Sports

Another week, another couple impressive wins for the still undefeated BYU men’s basketball team. With an athletic Arizona team rolling into town and looking for revenge after the righteous beatdown Jimmer put on them last year, how long can the Cougars keep this winning streak going? Also, with college football coaching vacancies opening up seemingly every day, who’s going to end up where on the always turning carousel? Answers to these questions and many more on this week’s edition of The PB&J Report. Enjoy!

You can stream the podcast by simply clicking on the link below, or you can download it to your computer by right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Link As” from the menu.

Listen to: Rhombus Podcast 031 — The PB&J Report (2010.12.10)