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RECAP: Two and a Half Men

Written by Hunter Phillips on . Posted in TV

Well, consider me shocked. That was non-terrible television.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I laughed. I laughed during Two and a Half Men. Maybe it was because of Charlie Sheen’s HILARIOUS funeral, or perhaps because Ashton Kutcher is a genuinely gifted comedian, but I laughed. I almost feel embarrassed.

My relationship with Two and a Half Men isn’t a very strong one. In fact, all I’d seen of the series was a few post-credits tags while waiting for Archer to come on. All I knew was that Charlie Sheen played Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer was criminally wasted, and the mysterious half-man lurked about. Having that much knowledge, I entered tonight’s premiere wondering just how bad the show that is famous for being bad could be.


TV: Sheen’s Antics Are Good for Men

Written by Jim Dalrymple on . Posted in TV

This week, CBS finally terminated its contract with Two and a Half Men lead Charlie Sheen. The move officially sends the Sheen cash cow to the slaughter house, but ultimately may prove to be the savviest way to end the show while taking it to a larger audience. In fact, the entire debacle may prove to be more beneficial to both Sheen and CBS than anything hatched by even the best celebrity handlers and PR reps out there.While the future of Two and a Half Men remains unclear — CBS may decide to replace Sheen — its glory days are now clearly behind it. Whether that would have been the case if Sheen hadn’t begun his strange, downward spiral, we’ll never know. But in any case, the time was probably right for a change. The show has aired for eight seasons, all the while dominating the ratings.And yet, neither I, nor anyone I know, ever watched it. In fact, most people I’ve talked to (not a scientific population sample by any means, but rather a bunch of twenty-somethings) were only vaguely aware the show even existed. Why is that?